Where is the after-mountain party?

Where is the after-mountain party?

The bergkirchweih is on. Erlanger pubs and discos offer special after-mountain parties! Here the wild ride continues:
the bomb: the club in hauptstrabe 12 has opened on each of the twelve holidays. During the week visitors get in for free, on weekends there is no entrance fee until 0 o’clock, after that five euro. Until 1 o’clock the happy-hour leads to the bar. Listen to everything from party hits to hip-hop and house music.

Gambrinius: "erlangen’s first student pub" has cooled land beer and oven-fresh pizzas from 11 a.M. To 3 a.M. Throughout the kerwa. Whether it’s a keg of country beer or a 1.5-liter long drink, hardly anyone goes home naked after the mountain. The dance floor opens at 10 p.M. With the usual party sounds and tech-house beats. One of the "berch a shot that changes every day adds to the party at gambrinius.

E-werk: ten days of exceptional conditions in the "bergwerk": from 22 each night.30 a.M. Admission costs 6.50 euros on weekends, free during the week. Whether hip-hop or schlager classics – the after-party at the E-werk is worthwhile!

Erlkonig: also in the erlkonig the party goes on, when on the "berch" the lights go out! From 8. June to the 10. June you come until 24 clock free of charge and has until 5 o’clock time, the "funfte jahreszeit" to celebrate.

Peffi for 2 euros and beer for 2.50 euros offer every reason to continue celebrating.
Gluxrausch: the party marathon does not stop here! From 22 o’clock bring on two areas ballermann hits or the best of the dance& house scene the party to escalate. Open until 3 a.M., party hard in hauptstrabe 103.

Paisley: the first ten days of the bergkirchweih the paisley opens at 22.30 o’clock its gates for all party monsters. Until 0 o’clock you get in for free and can rave to urban, black and house until 5 o’clock. To the "dirndl dancing" there are numerous drink specials.

John doe: from 8. Until 11. June the john doe is in the berg fever: during the week you get in free of charge until 0 o’clock, on weekends you pay five euros and get ten euros free consumption! Two areas are waiting to be danced to chart hits and black. Admission is from 23 clock.

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