Waldberg: the old forge is moving

Waldberg: the old forge is moving

What is special about the building and how will it be used in the future?? A few years ago, "benno" died still in his old forge in waldberg still tinkered and some defective geratschaften of farmers from the region repaired. In the meantime he has died. In about two years, however, the old forge is to be put back into operation. Then, however, not at its traditional place in the premicher strabe, but in the open-air museum fladungen. This day, work began on dismantling the building and transporting it part by part to fladungen.

The roof has already disappeared, the still usable tiles have been removed, the timbers of the roof trusses have been stowed away on a flatbed truck. Each one of them with a "sign of the bund" the kind that carpenters have been using for centuries to put them back together quickly and safely.

Joachim werner and thilo mann have put a film on the ceiling of the building to protect it from possible rainfall overnight. They have also already removed the wooden shingles with which the 27-square-meter building was clad, as well as the windows and doors, and transported them away. Together with michael weber, the two belong to the museum's experienced team of craftsmen who have done this kind of work before.




Nothing paid


Accordingly, they remember how much more difficult it used to be to complete such a project. In the past, a building had to be measured very carefully before it was taken down so that it could be rebuilt later. Nowadays, an engineering firm does the job with a 3D scan – and does it very accurately and in a short time, the experts praise.

The waldberg forge was suitable for a move because it is a single, small and compact building, which does not often happen, emphasized museum director ariane weidlich, who went to the site to see the dismantling work in progress. This also means that it can be "relocated" at a reasonable cost can be. Weidlich estimates the financial cost of the project at approximately 120000 euros.

Speaking of costs. The museum director places great emphasis on the statement that the open-air museum does not pay any money for the purchase of buildings. Rumors circulating in waldberg of large sums of money being spent on the old forge are simply false.

Michael weber estimates that the work in waldberg will take another two weeks to complete. First, the ceiling elements are to be removed and then, like the walls later, lifted out with a crane and transported away. Before that, however, the parts have to be separated from each other and packed in several layers of dam boards, chip boards and squared timber. Then the axed plinth beams and the stone base will be dismantled, and it will have to be examined whether the floor covering is suitable for the move. The completely dismantled structure will be stored in the winter in a flat area.

The team of specialists from fladung has already brought the old inventory of the forge, tools, anvils, etc., to the depot there. The special thing about the 1934 workshop was not the building itself, but the fully preserved equipment from the middle of the 20th century. Century. The forge is not only stored in fladungen, but restored and above all made ready for use again.

When the forge is rebuilt, it will also be put into operation, announced museum director weidlich. Besides the buttnerei from sulzthal, the waldberg smithy should be the next building in the museum, in which a craft and a piece of village life is presented, which can no longer be found in this way today.

Through regular demonstrations, the forge should become a magnet for the public in fladungen: "working with fire is always attractive to the public."

A new location for the forge in fladungen has also been found. Since a slope similar to the one on which it now stands can be found between the buttnerei and the bakery, it can be rebuilt here without any major earthworks.

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