Tonnies proposal: 1000 hires by september

tonnies proposal: 1000 hires by september

Germany’s largest meat company tonnies has announced concrete changes in the company: by 1 january, for example, two. September 1000 labor contract workers receive employment contract directly in rheda-wiedenbruck.

By the end of the year, the goal is to hire all "employees in the core areas directly from the company," it said in a press release. Already on 23. In june, tonnies announced its intention to hire contract workers, who until now have been working for subcontractors. The company, which had come under heavy criticism following a corona outbreak among its workforce, thus met a political demand.

The federal government had announced that from the beginning of 2021, work contracts and temporary employment in the meat industry would be abolished. Federal labor minister hubertus heil (SPD) plans to present a draft law for better working conditions this month.

Also by the beginning of september, tonnies plans to rent around 400 apartments in rheda-wiedenbruck for its future employees. Two housing companies have been established for this purpose. Depending on demand, living space is also to be created at other locations. The existing time recording system will be used until 1. August transferred to a digital system.

On monday tonnies had continued its trial operation in cutting, i.E. The cutting of slaughtered animals. To this end, under the supervision of the authorities, only workers on one shift process up to a maximum of 10.000 pigs a day. A company spokesman declined to comment on the results of the third day of testing with a new hygiene concept and reduced staff, referring to the authorities. The company had to build plexiglass partitions between the workstations to protect against infection and install new filtration technology for the cooled circulating air.

The tonnies plant next to the company headquarters in rheda-wiedenbruck was at a standstill for around four weeks following the mass corona outbreak among employees. Most of the more than 1,400 employees infected with corona were involved in the dismantling process. The authorities had subsequently banned production. To prevent the spread of the corona virus, residents of the gutersloh and warendorf districts were again subject to stricter hygiene rules and contact restrictions for a time. Together more than 600 people were affected.000 people. Tonnies employees were subject to a strict quarantine that expired on friday.

According to the district governments in detmold and arnsberg, six of the 1400 tonnies employees infected with corona are still in hospital (as of monday). Three affected people are being cared for in intensive care units, two patients have to be ventilated.

Following criticism from co-partner and managing director clemens tonnies of a lack of written justification for the closure of the parent plant, the district of gutersloh reacted. "Yes, it is correct, it still a written confirmation of the verbal fugitive is pending. Mr. Tonnies is still getting it," a spokeswoman for the district told the german press agency. The containment of the infection had so far had priority. In a newspaper interview, tonnies had complained that the company still did not know what legal violations it was alleged to have committed.

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