Thief steals medication from delivery vehicle

Thief steals medication from delivery vehicle


However, the man was found with the stolen goods a short time later by the supplier in the immediate vicinity of the crime scene. The suspected perpetrator then fled, but was apprehended during the manhunt. After the police interrogations were completed, the man was released.

Shortly after 2 p.M., the 34-year-old man from schweinfurt in stepfgasse apparently became aware that the side door of the transporter was not properly locked. The man then took advantage of the situation and stole the medicine transport box from the vehicle. With the stolen goods, the suspected perpetrator then went around the corner and hid behind a parked car. Curious, the accused opened the box there to see what medicines were inside. However, he was already found a short time later by the driver of the delivery vehicle.

Perpetrator flees without prey

The witness tried to detain the 34-year-old when he fled the scene. The suspected thief, however, managed to break away and escape without the loot. The witness hit the wall of a house with his elbow, causing minor injuries.

The suspected perpetrator was then arrested by the schweinfurt police as part of a manhunt that was immediately initiated. The man, who in the past has appeared in the police for offenses under the narcotics law, was apparently also under the influence of alcohol. An alcohol test showed that he had a blood alcohol level of just under one per mille.

After a blood sample was taken, the 34-year-old was released again. He is now being investigated by the schweinfurt criminal police on suspicion of predatory theft.



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