Taking the rake into our own hands

As part of the ecological and climate-friendly land management and the new "volkach greenbelt" concept, the city of volkach is inviting visitors to take part in a number of activities, according to a press release issued on friday, 23 friday. October, 2 p.M., for a first participatory action: a pick-and-choose action. Meeting point is in josef-wachter-strabe, opposite the "am rosengarten" senior citizens' housing complex.

The topic of biodiversity in the city drives the bauhof volkach together with its city gardeners, according to the announcement. For years, the company has been adapting its land management to this goal. For example, meadows are mowed only once a year for ecological reasons, or flower beds are planted with particularly resistant perennials.

Accompanied by city gardner

Under the motto "not just talk, but act," the city is organizing various participatory activities in which people can get actively involved.

At the start, there will be a first mowing and raking action: city gardener harald sauer will be on site and will ruffle and instruct all participants with forks and rakes. The corresponding meadow was previously mowed professionally by the employees of the volkach building yard.

"We will be pleased if these and the other planned participatory activities are well received and if together we continue to advance the city's biodiversity," emphasizes first mayor heiko bauerlein. At the same time, he reminded everyone of the AHA rules, such as keeping your distance and wearing everyday masks, which also apply to the participatory actions.

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