Stockheim gas station robbery: a queasy feeling remains

Stockheim gas station robbery: a queasy feeling remains

A cashier stands behind the cash register at the OMV gas station in stockheim, customers come in, buy a pack of cigarettes or some subes, and pay for their fill-ups. Two days after the robbery, in which a hooded motorcyclist threatened an employee with a gun and stole a four-digit amount of cash, everyday life has returned to normal. The topic is nevertheless.

"Unfortunately, these things happen, answers the young cashier when asked about the incident by a customer. "The main thing is that no one was hurt." the employee who was on shift at the time of the crime – according to information from the french day a temp – is not there on tuesday.

Just two kilometers away, karin spindler operates her agip service station in glosberg. It has been in operation for 45 years – and so far without a robbery. "We have been burgled many times – about eight times", reports the 65-year-old. "Once they wanted to enter the entrance gate, but did not make it. They hit the glass with a crowbar. It looked like a bullet hole."

Spindler can easily empathize with the feelings of the cashier who was robbed. "Several years ago, a man came in wearing a motorcycle helmet and a complete mask", the glosberger remembers. "Then he unzipped the friction lock and reached into his jacket." her heart almost stopped in horror – but instead of a gun, the man only took out his wallet.

Gas station has already been robbed

The gas station operator’s thoughts are therefore with the employee concerned: "i hope the perpetrator is caught. What he did to the cashier – and that for a little money…"

Actually, spindler is not afraid when she stands in her gas station. But: "ever since i heard about the robbery, i have had a strange feeling. It makes you feel queasy." explosive: the gas station in stockheim was already robbed three years ago. The perpetrator also held a pistol to an employee before fleeing into a residential area with cigarettes and a three-digit amount of money.

In the current case, the perpetrator is still at large. "The police are currently following up on tips they received from witnesses", reports christian raithel from the police prasidium upper franconia. "Nevertheless, the colleagues continue to ask for clues that may lead to the man with the dark motorcycle and the leather combination." because, the police chief hopes, "it is rather unusual to ride a motorcycle at this time of year. Maybe someone noticed him."

No license plate despite cameras

Surveillance cameras at and inside the gas station had filmed the robbery. But he kept his motorcycle helmet during the robbery. "Unfortunately, we do not have a license plate yet. This, of course, was to simplify it", describes raithel and announces that the pictures may soon be published if the manhunt is unsuccessful.

Why cameras are no guarantee of catching a perpetrator, explains spindler. She points to the surveillance monitor in her office: "we can get a good overview, but it’s hard to see the license plates of the vehicles from this perspective."

It could have been the same at the neighboring gas station. In addition to the cameras and an alarm system, however, there are other security measures in place. According to spindler, these make it very difficult to rob a gas station without being caught in the act or afterwards. "In addition, we are tapping our cash register several times a day. This means that the yield will be relatively low."

Nevertheless, this queasy feeling remains, especially in the morning or in the evening when it is dark. "You can’t get too caught up in this kind of thing. But one already thinks to oneself: I could be the next one.’"

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