“Sangerfreunde” nurn: choir restructures itself

The "cacilia" singing club from steinwiesen caused dissolution of the chorus community with onlyn seems with the "sangerfreunde" to have left no resignation in the community part. At the annual general meeting, chairwoman elisabeth daum expressed her regret that the 14-year-old singing group had been disbanded, but the attempt to stand on its own two feet again is currently going quite well. The small group of active singers from nurn has now grown to 15, with one female singer and one male singer from steinwiesen also joining the choir.

A unified image of the "sangerfreunde only behind remained also the executive committee elections, with which there were no changes. Elisabeth daum remains at the helm of the nurner gesangverein. As deputy chairwoman katharina deuerling received again the unmutual confidence, likewise treasurer josef schuberth. Secretary remains chairwoman in personal union. While werner weib and hans-josef hader were again appointed as assessors, the trio will in future be completed by stefan reuther.

Chairwoman daum recalled events that led to the dissolution of the choral society in december 2017. The nurn choral society had decided to continue working with the choir director karina klaumunzner, who had been trained by steinwiesen. Klaumunzner was one of those who encouraged the nurn singers to continue in a smaller circle. As the chairwoman explained, not only could church and local events be framed, but with the participation in the jubilee celebration in ebersdorf even a first outstanding vocal performance was recorded. There have been a total of nine public appearances, including an advent concert and the 40th anniversary celebration of the multipurpose building association. The number of members has increased from 78 to 81 persons.


Choir director karina klaumunzner spoke of a turbulent year for the association with major changes. She has no understanding for the choir’s dissolution by the "cacilia" choral society. She thanked the nurner sanger friends who put their trust in her.

Pleased about the new singing community in nurn was also honorary conductor walter klose, who called the announcement a "gross error" described. This was not in his sense and that of the former chairman of nurn, albin hader. Both had taken the initiative to found the choral society in 2005. Klose was subsequently also the conductor of this association for many years. Treasurer josef sesselmann had to report a further decline in the cash balance, but the financial situation of the association was stable. Vinzenz sesselmann was appointed as the new treasurer for the retiring andreas franz.

For the excellent cooperation, the representatives of the catholic parish, the music association, the multi-purpose building association, the sports association, the fire department and the frankenwald association as well as the CSU local association thanked the choir association.

At the beginning of the meeting, "irish blessings" were sung brought to gehor. During the preview, chairwoman elisabeth daum pointed out, among other things, the participation in the charity concert on 7. April in neufang and a garden party planned for june.

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