Rough jumps and sounding play

The cohesion of the nordhalben club landscape was demonstrated at the opening event of the jointly initiated year of volunteerism, which at the same time focuses on the anniversary of the opening of the nordwaldhalle 25 years ago.

Despite bad weather, the small hall of the multi-purpose building was completely filled with club representatives and guests. Among them were visitors from neuburg and elsewhere, who were able to find out about the wide range of leisure activities on offer.

As the first host of a total of seven events, the ATSV nordhalben presented its current sports program and offered excerpts from its gymnastics activities. The marching band under the baton of helmut beetz provided the musical backdrop to the three-hour program.

Honorary chairman rudolf ruf moderated the afternoon together with 14-year-old linda wunder and also took a pictorial look back at the history of the nordwaldhalle. He also gave an overview of what the largest club in the village has to offer.

Norbert neugebauer provided information on the joint activities of the 60 or so organizations in nordhalben and heinersberg, which have been meeting twice a year under his leadership since 2016 to draw up the calendar of events. About 120 individual dates were coordinated and listed for this year. He also presented a rough part of the associations and their offers as well as the dates planned for the honorary year in picture and text contributions.

17500 volunteer hours

The problem of demographic change is just one reason for promoting cooperation between the associations, which is increasingly being used, especially at events. Those responsible are counting on further synergy effects, especially since many citizens are multiple members of a wide variety of associations. About 600 active members contribute an estimated 17,500 hours of volunteer work a year, worth a notional 350,000 euros, according to a flyer published by the organization.

Mayor michael pohnlein informed about a village festival on 16. March 2019 for the volunteers in the village, which the market community as a "thank you" in the nordwaldhalle. For the further energetic renovation of the community building, the state government has promised another 700,000 euros. Nevertheless, it is not a self-runner and it is becoming more and more difficult every year to continue operating the hall in view of the financial burdens.

The mother-child group, led by bernd sorgenfrei, opened the pre-show part with a short show of arms on the stage. After that, the curtain was raised to the rough hall for sports activities. Margarete wunder-blinzler has been continuing the long gymnastics tradition for decades with her trampolinists in competition, who showed their performance exercises at a remarkable level. Especially the synchronized stunts on two trampolines caused great astonishment among the spectators.

Gymnasts on the bars

But also in the standard gymnastics there is a lot going on at the ATSV. Ralph stumpf and kai deckelmann revived the gymnastics team and demonstrated bar exercises with their male proteges. The girls performed an appealing floor program. All performances were rewarded by the audience with strong applause.

As a second competition department, the guard department advertised for new recruits with a laser rifle. After the official part, there was the opportunity to gain first experiences in badminton, basketball and on the trampoline. The series of events will be held on 1. June continued with a youth sports olympiad.

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