Rough in form

Rough in form

The world-renowned hornist arkady shilkloper and an excellent dagmar schellenberger lifted the new year’s concert of the kissinger winterzauber into another league.

The orchestra has not yet taken its seat when a man in a simple black shirt appears at the edge of the stage, almost unnoticed, with an alphorn, puts it to his mouth, forms the first notes only with his breath and lips, and then sets off on a furioso that was not thought possible. Concertante and so very different from"…Far over mountain and valley, the alphorn resounds", as sung in the folk song. The orchestra joins in, takes over the accompaniment, and the concert begins with his own composition "alpine trail suite" an exclamation mark.

That’s what you want to hear

The new year’s concert is a special event of the winter magic. Another packed max littmann hall. Not the usual regular audience, but mainly guests and visitors from the region enjoyed a lively musical start to the new year on this special day in the spa town. The guarantor of continued success is lior shambadal at the helm – should we really believe that he is already 16 years old?. For the first time in bad kissingen, he conducted his berlin symphony orchestra and presented a cheerful program of an appealing level even for visitors to whom classical music is rather foreign, and shambadal has already provided one or two surprises every year. Because the concert will be performed not only in the weltbad, but also twice in berlin, it is possible to get remarkable artists at your side. Like soprano dagmar schellenberger. Her classical vocal training leads to a soft soprano, with which she creates mozart roles and performances at the scala. She has made a name for herself as an operetta and musical singer, and is also a proven comedian. Anyone who can put so much on the line can also direct the world’s largest operetta festival, the seefestspiele in morbisch, and hearts will fly to him in the regentenbau.

Berlin air to clap along to

The "berlin part the orchestra simply has to be given its due. It’s in the blood, but it’s also played with panache. "Gluhwurmchen" and "under the lime trees, everyone knows, sings and claps along with pleasure. Mendelssohn-bartholdy’s wedding march, on the other hand, is quite remarkable. Once taken not militarily stomping, it comes along on light soles, like a bride who also rather floats into the church. Still berlin, but now eduard kunneke and his ballade vom "verrosteten ritter" together with smart scarce.

Witty and comedic, dagmar schellenberger plays the payer and to oskar straus’ "nuchternem madchen" she wanders "lightly dressed" by the orchestra. Storms of applause! Something like this fits to new year! But then comes the rough time of arkady shilkloper. Shambadal had with leopold mozarts "sinfonia pastorale" and richard strauss’ "alphorn pieces for the rare concert instrument, and the exceptional connoisseur also shines with the corno da caccia and the elephant horn.

As at a jazz concert, there is sometimes spontaneous applause, which increases to ovations for his own composition "tribute", according to his words, she expresses a bow of all musical genres from classical to beatles to jazz. What he then has the french horn play is breathtaking. In addition to a wonderfully lovingly led, yearningly russian melody, which is carried by the contrabass over the 1. The audience held its breath when the composer loves the violin up to the oboe, assigns explosive percussion as a solo task to the horn, and makes even breathed rhythms audible. Would that have been a final point.


But there was still richard wagner on the program. Also here shilkloper and schellenberger in rough form. The carries also with the various additions. Can you send the audience at the new year’s concert home without singing and clapping?? Shambadal can’t do it. So again "berliner luft and "annen polka. But shilkloper will remain, because that was a different league.

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