Politics is not always logical

"We try to make policy in an environmentally friendly and practical way in the agriculture committee," explained angelika schorer, chairwoman of the food, agriculture and forestry committee in the bavarian state parliament, on friday. The member of the state parliament from the district ostallgau was the main speaker of the 32. Radish dinner of the district association and the local association of albertshofen in the gartenlandhalle.

She thought about how people understand their homeland and how farmers preserve the cultural landscape. The state and local politician objected to farmers being put in a false light. Today, only three percent of the people working in agriculture had an increasingly difficult time explaining to the other 97 percent how farmers work.

She addressed glyphosate, which is on the environmental agenda, as well as efforts to protect biodiversity. The guest speaker argued that on issues such as glyphosate, we should not just ban one product, "then entire shelves must remain empty.

Exchanged farmers

The goal must be to issue such bans not only in bavaria, but also in neighboring countries or globally. "This strengthens our party, that it values our agriculture," said the parliamentarian, who has been in the state parliament since 2003.

Barbara becker, the evening’s moderator and direct candidate for the state parliamentary elections, pointed out that many farmers feel they have been taken in by politics and have turned away, sometimes disappointed, in the direction of the afd party. "Not everything in politics is logical," remarked CSU district chairman and member of the state parliament otto hunnerkopf on the question raised by barbara becker as to why the new minister of agriculture, michaela kaniber, appointed by the new minister president markus soder, is staying in office. "Angelika schorer immediately took over from helmut brunner," said otto hunnerkopf, and lothar voltz made it clear that he felt this personnel decision was one of the grossest disappointments of his 50 years in the csu.

The discussion also touched on the flat frab, where otto hunnerkopf informed the audience that the bavarian population had grown from eleven to 13 million people in the past decades due to influxes of new residents. For these people, there was housing, workplaces and infrastructure to be created, which required a lot of flatwork.

Angelika schorer argued that the state government should set up a new program for the internal development of municipalities in rural areas in order to save land. It should also be considered that when new retail stores are built, not much land is sealed for parking spaces, but the parking spaces could be built on the roof or under the store.

State elections coming up

The local association chairwoman heidi plompel buried some CSU local politicians among the 180 guests. "I hope that we will achieve a result in the state elections that will enable us to determine politics in bavaria again with our own majority," otto hunnerkopf declared.

The hosts bade farewell to angelika schorer with a gift basket filled with crisp lettuce and vegetables and, of course, the event’s namesake, the radish. Musical entertainment for the evening was provided by the band of the oellingen music society.

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