In the early morning, when there are no tourists or people looking for recreation, employees of the company drechsler try to get rid of the blue-green algae plague at the oberauhof. They vacuum up the pests, not exactly a very appetizing job.

No 'i bims', no 'yolo', no 'youth word of the year'

It’s the end of a small era: the election for the "youth word of the year" fails this year. No more "babo", no more "smombie", no more "yolo" and no more "I bims". This is confirmed by the head of the pons publishing house, erhard schmidt, to the deutsche presse-agentur.

Whether the election, which is always staged for media attention, is over for good or just a pause "is still being decided," he says. The youth word, this controversial and ridiculed little institution in the german language, no longer exists – at least for the time being.

Iaea: iran produces highly enriched uranium

IAEA spokeswoman gill tudor told dpa in vienna on monday. She added: "all nuclear material at the facility remains under the control and supervision of the IAEA."Guido westerwelle (FDP) criticized the uranium enrichment as a step towards further escalation.

Iran had announced the start-up of the uranium enrichment plant in fordo over the weekend. The existence of the long-secret facility in an underground tunnel system was only admitted by the leadership in tehran in 2009. Fordo is the second uranium enrichment facility in iran after the main facility in natans.

coburg castle square: music will soon be playing here

16 employees, 60 tons of steel and two whole days are needed for the kelly family to open the HUK-openair-summer on friday on the 100 tons heavy stage. The palace square is currently being prepared for the five concert evenings, which will take place from friday to wednesday.

A lot can always go wrong during preparation: suppliers don't keep to their agreements, construction can't continue due to a lack of materials – but mary boegner-moosburger is confident: "nothing will go wrong in coburg", she speaks from experience. For 15 years it has been responsible for the HUK-open-air summer. Together with jurgen ebert she coordinates the event as technical director. One of their main focuses is the accommodation of artists in the landestheater.

contactors seek cooperation

The season of the privileged guardian society of 1533 is drawing to a close. The traditional schutzenfest began with royal splendor. A princely reception with a coarse royal tablet was held at the guardian's house on the neck of the street. For the club's leadership, this is always an opportunity to thank long-serving members for their loyalty to the club and the bavarian association of sportsmen and sportswomen in this festive setting.
On this occasion, klaus gobler, who was awarded honorary membership last year, was presented with the outstanding certificate of honor. After words of praise, oberburgermeister frank rebhan (SPD), gauschutzenmeister klaus jentsch and schutzenmeister lutz wachsmuth honored the jubilarians.
Rising numbers of members, sporting successes and the considerable proportion of young sport shooters reward the commitment of all those responsible under the leadership of the first shooter master wachsmuth. Also in the 485. Since its founding in the first year of its existence, the schutzengesellschaft has been looking to the future and has set the course for it, said wachsmuth. Now the goal is to realize all the projects that have been started. This not only requires "committed members who can get stuck in", but also the association, the city and the public for support. The guardian master was satisfied with his club: "we are on a good path with an increasing number of members." currently, the privileged guardian society pays 208 members, of which one youth with almost 17 percent. And the sporting successes can also be seen: "especially our youth stands out here", the guardian master was pleased.

Abuse trial ends with acquittal

A 45-year-old bricklayer from the district of forchheim was charged with sexual abuse of a child before the bamberg district court. The case was basically so clear that everyone expected a conviction. But then things weren't as clear-cut as they often are when it comes to such offenses.
In addition to the purely forensic side, there is also a psychological side, and that has nothing to do with malice. Because the girl in question had undoubtedly confided in her mother to talk about a sexual assault – she and her mother were obviously at the end of their tether. Both made use of their right to refuse to testify at that time.

The girl, who is now 18 years old, was considerably affected by the trial. The danger of consequential damage was too great, they loved to confirm with a certificate from their psychologist.

Despite the crisis, seven more exhibitions are planned

Kunstverein kulmbach has seven exhibitions in its program this year. The first with works of "7 (members) from the association" on 27. The store, which opened in february in the bathhouse and the upper town gallery, is currently closed due to the corona crisis.

This is what lawyer ira rothken told the online service CNET over the weekend. Apple, however, spoke of a "small number of customers" who had rejected the original offer of free cell phones. With nearly $100 billion in cash reserves, the amount would not be a major problem for apple.

The issue, also known as "antennagate", dates back to the launch of the iphone 4 in the summer of 2010. Apple used an unusual design for the phone: the antennas are not hidden under a plastic cover, but instead form the device’s rough metal frame. After the phone’s release, many U.S. Customers complained of reception problems and dropped calls.

The junior javelin thrower max hubner from unnersdorf near bad staffelstein was unable to train individually on a sports field for more than two months because of the ban on corona sports. Hubner, however, made the best of these weeks. The talent, who transferred to the UAC kulmbach last fall and has since been training according to the plans of the kulmbach throwing expert martin standner, practiced on his family’s sheep paddock equipped with all kinds of utensils from his new club.

body found in hamburg gives police puzzle

Neither the identity nor the cause of death was known on monday. The only certainty was that the body was that of a man. This was announced by the police on monday following the forensic examination of the body parts.

The definite cause of death could not be determined at first, because the body parts were too badly decomposed. However, the homicide squad is investigating on suspicion of a homicide. The public prosecutor’s office did not want to disclose details for the time being.