For a 'business as usual' in the matter of clear sludge disposal

It goes without saying that the wastewater from the city’s households is treated before it is discharged back into the rivers. But at the end of the clearing process, there is something left over that few citizens think about eliminating. What happens to the clear sludge in rodental – and why it should stay that way – was explained by plant manager michael eckardt to the city council members.

Bavaria's cabinet agrees on double budget

The cabinet agreed on this at its retreat in st. Quirin at tegernsee, as minister president horst seehofer announced on wednesday. Economy minister martin zeil said the FDP was also extremely satisfied with the result.

Seehofer described the agreements as "bavaria's powerful response to the mood of crisis in europe". There is thus an excellent basis for a "blossoming future" of the free state, the CSU leader explained. He assumes that the draft will be passed by the state parliament by the end of the year. The leaders of the parliamentary groups and the budget experts from the CSU and the FDP also took part in the meeting.

Igor is dead. The ten-year-old belgian cold-blooded horse lay dead on friday morning on the fub of a small but steep slope at the edge of its paddock in hohenroth near rieneck. Not long ago, the horse was in the rhon for jerks. It worked again on the dunsberg, the nature reserve near oberelsbach.

The mayor of rieneck, wolfgang kuber, who owned the horse, speaks of a tragic accident. He assumes that the animal suffered fatal injuries in a fall. He did not want to believe the news of the death of the horse at first, he had come back only on thursday evening with the stallion from the rhon.

"We try to make policy in an environmentally friendly and practical way in the agriculture committee," explained angelika schorer, chairwoman of the food, agriculture and forestry committee in the bavarian state parliament, on friday. The member of the state parliament from the district ostallgau was the main speaker of the 32. Radish dinner of the district association and the local association of albertshofen in the gartenlandhalle.

She thought about how people understand their homeland and how farmers preserve the cultural landscape. The state and local politician objected to farmers being put in a false light. Today, only three percent of the people working in agriculture had an increasingly difficult time explaining to the other 97 percent how farmers work.

Life in the old town: 'the house has come to us'

SOPHIE 15 is what katrin schneider and tim bertschy lovingly call home. In the summer of 2016, the two moved into the property at sophienstrabe 15. In a record construction or renovation time of only nine months, the former farmhouse was largely renovated and fitted with completely new supply lines including gas heating.

If you ask the two young people, born in 80 and 84, what drove them to embark on this adventure, the answer is clear: under no circumstances did they want to live in a "shoebox" in a new development area. An architect’s house would have been far too sterile for them, virtually without a soul.

Record-breaking seniors

It is hard to believe. The knitters of the aktiv-kreis senioren heroldsbach were able to complete the incredible number of 9000 blankets. On the occasion of this pleasing event, the knitters of the senior citizens’ active circle invited the participants to a cozy celebration round with coffee and cake at the heroldsbacher pfarrheim (parish hall).
Ottilie mebbacher, the leader of the knitters’ group, buried H. Hoch, pastor klaus weigand, the wife of the mayor, ingrid buttner, sebastian kramer from the municipality of heroldsbach, the municipality’s senior citizens’ representative and chairwoman of the aktiv-kreis erika schneider, and all the knitters in attendance.
For many years now, some ladies from the "senior citizens’ club" have been getting together with admirable diligence to knit warm blankets together. In the first years, the blankets were taken to the monastery in forchheim to father richter, who forwarded them to brazil. After the import conditions became more and more difficult, the blankets now go to eastern europe with other relief goods, which are then distributed to poor, needy families with many children.
Besides blankets, beautiful baby clothes and socks are knitted. So far, more than 9000 blankets have been made and sent to countries in need.

In june 2010, the knitters were honored in bamberg by archbishop ludwig schick for their voluntary work.
As a special recognition and acknowledgement of this honorary commitment, the senior citizens’ representative of the municipality of heroldsbach and chairwoman of the aktiv-kreis, erika schneider, as well as the municipality of heroldsbach, presented a monetary gift. Heartfelt thanks to all knitters for this particularly commendable commitment.
To ensure that the ladies do not run out of material, they are very grateful for donations. They also like to take knitted items that are no longer needed and separate them out. Wool remnants are also well suited to find a useful application in this way.

Thief steals medication from delivery vehicle

However, the man was found with the stolen goods a short time later by the supplier in the immediate vicinity of the crime scene. The suspected perpetrator then fled, but was apprehended during the manhunt. After the police interrogations were completed, the man was released.

Condor takeover wobbles - loan extension applied for

The planned takeover of the vacation airline condor by the polish holding company PGL is in doubt.

According to the news magazine "der spiegel", the parent company of the airline LOT has made additional demands to the federal ministry of economics and technology prior to the conclusion of the transaction. At the same time, it became known on thursday that condor had already applied for the bridging loan of 380 million euros to be extended. Only with this money from the federal government and the state of hesse, the airline has been keeping itself in the air for months now.

An unusual school project on the occasion of 1000 years of bischberg

Marc bends deeply over the sheet of paper. Painting letter by letter. And with a real feather, whose keel the eight-year-old boy dips in ink again and again. "I make so many spelling mistakes with my pen", does marc. To then fill in the blanks of a medieval hero without hesitation. Marc’s hero is king arthur. Whose hobbies are eating, fighting, drinking, sleeping. At least that is what the little schoolboy thinks.

And with him 220 other boys and girls of the elementary school bischberg dive into the world of the middle ages. An entire project week is planned on the occasion of the 1000-year anniversary of the town: open lessons in cross-grade groups, which the teachers conduct with 30 students from bamberg university – mostly prospective elementary school teachers.

After istanbul thriller: nagelsmann expects rb to win against bayern

Before leaving istanbul for the bundesliga summit in munich, julian nagelsmann predicted that his team from leipzig would win the game.

"Our games in munich so far have been 0:3, 0:2, 0:1, 0:0. If you take that to its logical conclusion, then it could be that we win there," said the 33-year-old about the next tough test on saturday (18.30 o’clock/sky). The nerve-wracking 4:3 at basaksehir in istanbul in the champions league had long since been forgotten.