Caregiver Advisory Board at the Brothers of Mercy

The merciful brothers gremsdorf will in future work even more closely with the parents, relatives and legal guardians of their residents and employees. The background to this is a regulation in the care, housing and quality act, which provides for an advisory board made up of legal representatives as an optional provision, explained the head of social services, ute hauber, who played a leading role in the process of setting up this body over a period of months.

Climate activists stop cruise ship for six hours

A cruise ship departed almost six hours late after a blockade action by around 50 activists in kiel, germany. The ship had sailed late on sunday evening around 22.00 o’clock in the direction of copenhagen, the police said.

The blockaders of the group "smash cruiseshit" considered their protest a success and announced further actions: "there is no quiet hinterland for climate destroyers," it says in a message. They call for an end to the entire cruise industry.

A life that bears fruit

I always notice first what didn’t work out and what I did wrong.", a friend says to me. She talks about her family and her job. How it has been used and of many jerks and exchanges, although it has tried so hard.

The tears are coming.
Yes, it really makes you cry when a person is so hypercritical and ruthless with himself and every mistake is seen as a personal failure.
How much pressure, how much fear is at play, and how little room to relax and be happy.
I think of a story told by jesus. A farmer spreads his seed with full hands, but many things go wrong, some fall on rocky ground, others under the thorns, but some fall on good land and bring a rough harvest.
A wonderful story that gives hope – I can hand out with full hands, and even if not everything succeeds, some of it will fall on good land and bear fruit.
I can trust that I don’t have to be perfect to do well, and that I don’t have to be perfect to be loved by god.

The autoarena germany is a germany-wide festival tour which, according to the press release, was developed especially for the special situation caused by corona. Ten concert shows with artists, bands and djs represent many different musical genres, including hip hop, electro, latin, metal and classical music.

Abi 2020: the last days are paid

The high school graduates from the district have completed twelve years of schooling. They have toiled, sweated and written, hoped and trembled, and been very happy. And now they have earned one thing above all: a worthy graduation ceremony. This year, teachers and students had to be particularly creative in organizing the event – with the result that, on the 17th day of the school year, there were no more students. July, five individually designed graduation ceremonies will take place at five high schools in the district.

In kitzingen, christian hanft, a member of the school board, and eleonore baier had the same idea: a graduation ball at a drive-in movie theater. The michel family was quick to agree. So an organizational team was formed, which took care of the hygiene concept, procedure and technology. There was one basic problem to consider: the rough number of pupils. "We are very proud of our coarse school family," says christian hanft.

Vw before conclusion of diesel settlement

Compensation payments to volkswagen customers in diesel settlement nearing conclusion. In around 240.000 cases, a total of more than 750 million euros has been transferred, the company announced on tuesday.

The associated online portal will be in operation for just under a week; it is scheduled to be launched on 6. July to be closed. After that, customers will only be able to submit documents by mail, such as invoices from lawyers. In other proceedings pending before the courts, the group intends to approach the plaintiffs in accordance with a fundamental ruling of the federal supreme court in favor of consumers.

Trump's troop visit to Iraq and trouble at home

After a surprise short visit to U.S. Soldiers in iraq and germany, U.S. President donald trump is again grappling with domestic political turbulence at home.

Above all, the budget freeze for several federal ministries is giving him a hard time. Trump and his wife melania had visited unannounced U.S. Soldiers at a military base west of the iraqi capital of baghdad on wednesday. For the president, it was the first visit to troops in a crisis area during his time in office.

Without parents in a foreign country

Since 2014/15, the migration flows have also brought many minors to germany who were traveling unaccompanied by adults. They presented the authorities with special challenges. At the office for youth and family andreas wedel prepared a summary of the development of the past five years, which is intended as information for the members of the relevant committee in the coburg district council.

ringing the bell

It is a ceremony full of moments of being on the way, but also of pausing and coming to rest: since time immemorial, fronleichnam has had a special status in kronach as one of the most beautiful church festivals in the cycle of the year.
This year, too, the residents and the city administration not only decorated the processional route with ornate altars, flags and rich floral decorations, but also adorned many houses with candles and sacred motifs.
The magnificent sun monstrance, in the middle of which the host is shown as a sign of christ's presence, was carried through the streets by regional dean thomas teuchgraber. At four altars, the cathedral chapter gave the blessing with the monstrance and the blessed sacrament.

More attentive in everyday life

Again, many associations with flag delegations, communion children, the fire department, the BRK and the police as well as mayor wolfgang beiergroblein, his deputies angela hofmann and markus wich as well as the city council took part in the testimony of lived faith. Their way led them, starting from the church square in front of the city parish church first over the amtsgerichtsstrabe to the town hall square, where the eucharist celebration took place.
The procession went through lucas-cranach-strabe, strauer torweg, strauer strabe, johann-nikolaus-zitter-strabe, marienplatz, schwedenstrabe, bamberger tor and melchior-otto-platz, before the ceremony ended in the parish church. In his sermon at the first altar, the city's pastor referred to ringing signs in worship as well as in everyday life. The churchgoers are accustomed to the ringing of the altar boys in the church during the consecration as well as during the sacramental blessing with the monstrance – as a call for attention and an intense moment of encounter with god. "Today on our way through the streets of kronach the bells are with us", according to the pastor. When we look at the radiant monstrance with the holy bread, perhaps it rings – proverbially – in us: "is perhaps the dear god coming now??"
If we asked ourselves this question every time we rang the doorbell, we would certainly be more attentive to many situations, more attentive to the people we meet and talk to.
The second altar, which was erected at the christus church, was a sign of ecumenism. For the liturgical celebration, the "charismatic renewal" was there kronach voiced prayers and petitions to their main concern "love" and "unity in front of. Prayers were offered in particular for the patients, staff and visitors to care facilities.