Oberreichenbach invests in children, sports and safety

Fire department, city construction, child care, canal work and a new artificial turf pitch for the SC oberreichenbach – the municipality of oberreichenbach wants to invest its money well. At the town council meeting last thursday, the 2020 budget was presented and approved by a vote of ten to two.

Chamberwoman hanna stumptner, for whom this was the first budget presentation, led the eleven councillors present and mayor klaus hacker through the municipality's investment program with ease. The total budget for 2020 is around 4.6 million euros, of which 2.9 million euros are for the administrative budget and 1.7 million euros for the property budget.

The municipality of oberreichenbach plans to invest 800,000 euros in the urban development project to create social, assisted living space. In addition, the construction of a new day nursery is to be supported with 60,000 euros, as well as the expansion of the day nursery with 24 day nursery places.

Among other things, a large amount will also be invested in the necessary renovation of the sewage network, which is to be included in the rzwas (guidelines for grants for water management projects) program.

The volunteer fire department was also considered: the municipality invested 37,500 euros in the purchase of a new fire engine.

Only one item in the investment program caused discussion: the application by SC oberreichenbach for a grant to build a new artificial turf pitch with fencing and lighting. 15 000 euro the municipality wants to provide for it, which seemed to be a lot to some municipal councillors. Mayor klaus hacker explained: "the SCO has not applied for a long time and the small field soccer field is mainly for the benefit of the children.

We can invest a large sum of money in this area." finally, the motion was approved by nine votes to three. The SC oberreichenbach can therefore be pleased.

After the presentation of the budget, there was a discussion about the community forest of oberreichenbach: there, the bark beetle has spread and attacked almost all spruces. For the local council, there is only one solution, which the forestry office also recommends: "flatten everything." new trees are planted as a matter of course.

Lastly, it was decided that they would meet at regular intervals to bid farewell to the former municipal councillors.

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