More and more tourists in the district demand employees in the hospitality industry

Tourists are drawn to local beds: last year, the steigerwald recorded 2.04 million overnight stays by guests from germany and abroad. That’s 4.7 percent more than last year and 28 percent more than ten years ago. This was announced by the trade union nahrung-genuss-gaststatten (NGG).

The NGG lower franconia refers to data from the federal statistical office, which has evaluated the accommodation figures of the german travel areas. After that also the habberge increased. They came on 346000 overnight accomodations (plus 4.3 per cent to the previous year). In view of the figures, NGG managing director ibo ocak speaks of a "strong balance sheet, which is only possible with the strong commitment of the employees".

In the habberge district alone, the hospitality industry employs around 1,200 people, according to the employment agency. "However, there is an increasing lack of specialists here – also because the industry has a real image problem", ocak is convinced. One main reason: increasingly extreme working hours. Although working in the evening or on sunday is part of the job for hotel managers and waiters. "But in recent years, shifts have become significantly longer and rest periods shorter. Not everyone can do that forever, according to the managing director of the NGG region of lower franconia.

Against mammoth workdays

Ocak criticizes in particular the demands of employees to relax the working time law. "If the german hotel and restaurant association (dehoga) has its way, then around 13-hour working days will soon become the norm. But here the health of the employees is at stake. There are legal limits for a reason", stresses ocak. The working hours act prescribes a regular working time of eight hours per day. In exceptional cases, it can be extended to ten hours

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