Missing malina in regensburg: 51.000 euro reward offered

Missing malina in regensburg: 51.000 euro reward offered

In the case of missing student malina K. From regensburg, her father collected almost 51,000 euros in reward money for a tip-off about his daughter. "We want to express our deep gratitude to all donors. We hope that you will help us to find malina alive", the father told the german press agency in munich on friday.

An appeal on the internet raised almost 21,000 euros in the past few days. Now a private donor has come forward to donate another 30,000 euros. "That is a respectable sum. We want to end the collection campaign with this," said a police spokesman, said the father. If he can’t pay out the reward by the end of the year, he wants to pay the money back.

The 20-year-old student malina K. Missing since 19. March missing. The young woman from furstenfeldbruck was on her way home from a party in regensburg that day.

But she did not return. Shortly before, she had phoned a fellow resident to ask for directions. At this time, according to her own information, she was in the regensburg city park. A walker found her cell phone last wednesday in the herzogspark on the banks of the danube, a few hundred meters away.

The police searched for the woman with helicopters, dogs and divers, but in the meantime announced that they would no longer carry out a more extensive search. "We are still looking for malina in a small way, but the public won’t know about it", said a police spokesman on monday afternoon.

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