Knetzgauer collected mull

With 38 people, the mull collection campaign "rama-dama" was a success of the alliance for families and seniors of the municipality knetzgau as well visited as never before. The community points out.

Meeting point was at 3 pm at the old town hall in knetzgau. There the groups were divided and the mullzwicker distributed, which were borrowed from the autobahnmeisterei in knetzgau.

After that it was straight to work. Due to the many helpers could be cleaned additional areas. Since the action took place at the same time as the world water day, the mull was also collected along the mains. In total, there were groups on the streets in the direction of habfurt, hainert and sand, as well as one group each in the new construction area, in the commercial area, in the dulbig and in the main environment on the road.

Three runners of the "zabelstein runners from westheim also took part in the action. "Plogging" is a new running trend, where the participants collect the mull at the side of the road while jogging.

The yield was remarkable. A complete flatbed of a bauhof flatbed trailer was completely covered with collected mull by the end of the action at 5 p.M. As a thank you there was at the end still a bread time for all hard-working helpers. According to the community, it was very pleasing that many children and young people took part in the action. Although no one could give an answer to the question of the smallest helpers, why adults throw their mull into nature, instead of giving at home in the garbage can. But surely the "rama-dama" action contributed to the victory contribute to a better understanding of nature and the environment


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