Ig bau ready to strike

Ig bau ready to strike

The IG BAU trade union is putting pressure on the 650 employees in the construction industry.000 building cleaners. "We are preparing new warning strikes in case there is no agreement again," federal executive board member ulrike laux said before the sixth round of talks.

"We continue to rely on our strategy of pinpricks against individual companies," the trade unionist told the deutsche presse-agentur. Last week, IG BAU called for warning strikes in businesses and public buildings such as shopping malls across the country, as collective bargaining with the federal guild of building cleaners remained inconclusive.

As a result, window and facade cleaners, cleaners and industrial machinery cleaners temporarily stopped work. The union’s main demands are the introduction of a christmas bonus and the payment of overtime bonuses for part-time employees.

The employers reject a 13. The company has so far rejected the offer of higher wages for the first month, but will only offer this in the course of wage negotiations in 2020. They had surprisingly announced the framework agreement in april because they do not want to continue paying overtime bonuses to part-time workers.

Prior to monday’s negotiations in dreieich near frankfurt, the parties were far apart on all points, said laux. The union accuses employers of trying to print more and more wages and vacation entitlements in new contracts in recent times.

The federal guild of building cleaners had described the "sweeping accusations" as baseless. "Industry wages have been rising for years under collective bargaining agreements," said managing director johannes bungart. In past talks, they have offered more vacation time, higher journeyman’s wages and more work bonuses, among other things. The industrial union for construction, agriculture and the environment (IG BAU) has rejected this offer. "Employers are fighting for a new framework collective agreement – and as fast as possible."

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