Guests from sud korea show keen interest in herzogenaurach

They flew more than 8550 kilometers to be informed by mayor german hacker (SPD) about the urban development process and sports development plan in the interim city hall. The delegation of 18 officers and a local government interpreter came from the city of yanggu-gun in sud korea.

The city is only comparable to herzogenaurach in terms of population; it has a surface area of 700 square kilometers and belongs to gangwon county in the border region. The northern part of yanggu county was part of the front line during the korean war and now borders the demilitarized zone.

Of course, the delegation did not just come for herzogenaurach, but is on a business trip through germany. Like herzogenaurach, the city has modern industrial plants. With interest the delegation participants followed the presentation of the french city with its rough companies. Schaeffler, adidas and puma were instantly recognizable. Questions were eagerly asked and pens flew over the blocks.

In addition to the city development, the mayor also spoke about the sports development plan, sports requirements, club portal and sports facility management. The participants were amazed at the daily high number of commuters, but mayor hacker also made clear that this also means that the infrastructure has to be adapted. In addition, the pressure on housing is also growing, and the relocation of larger companies is not an issue at the moment because of the lack of land, but housing construction has priority.

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