Georg dennerlein is a real legend

Georg dennerlein is a real legend

The 90. Birthday has on saturday the "pachter-schorsch" celebrated; with a lot of celebrities, club leaders, relatives and guests from away. Georg dennerlein, his real name, is a living legend in the village. Not only because of his age, but also because of his commitment to and for the village.

In 1952, he married his wife liselotte, who was born pickelmann in bieberbach. Two years later, their first child was born: daughter erika. She was followed three years later by the second child, reinhardt, who made a career as a banker. He also took over the property in 1994, which, as the jubilarian remembers, had always been an inn and a farm. As a child he accompanied his father johann to the farmer’s market in nurnberg, where the latter sold products from the farm: goat meat and goose meat. The main source of income, however, was the pub. In 1956 schorsch became a butcher and from 1965 to 1986 he worked in the factory in heroldsberg and nurnberg. At peak times, he served up to 130 hectoliters of beer a year, reports his son reinhardt. The tenant was also very active in the village: he is a founding member of the sports club, which was founded in 1949, and was for many years the game director, he was active in the fire department, initially as a bugler, and he was an active member of the soldiers’ comradeship. He also held the office of a market town councilor in egloffstein from 1979 to 1997.

If you ask schorsch and his wife liselotte about the secret of such a happy marriage, they both answer unanimously: "we never argued with each other, we always looked for compromises and agreed". The two look at each other as they did when they were young and laugh.


After the club delegations, the vice-councilwoman rosi kraus, the "beck’n rosi", came to see the event from uhleinshof passed by and brought the good wishes of the county. In addition came second burgermeister "niki" theater. He congratulated her on behalf of the community of egloffstein and later pastor michael maul came to congratulate her. And everyone was happy and content, secretly hoping to grow old like pachter-schorsch and be as rustic as he and his wife liselotte, who will celebrate their 90th wedding anniversary next year. Can celebrate its birthday.

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