“Formula one” presenter stefanie tucking dies

Stefanie tucking was the face of "formula one" for two years in the mid-1980s. The ARD cult music program made the young presenter with the smoky, husky, unmistakable voice known nationwide at the time.

Radio, rock music and animals paid to the rough passions of her life. For around 30 years, tucking was a presenter on the pop wave SWR3. Now the "cool rock lady" has died suddenly in baden-baden at the age of 56.

"Formula one" was a weekly music video show – at that time the only one in the german media that presented current video clips. It was broadcast from 1983 to 1990 with 307 episodes, initially on ARD’s third channels. In 1987, tucking, who was 24 at the time, received the golden camera for her hosting of this music show.

Tucking, however, also appeared in other television productions – including travel, leisure and sports themes. The proven music expert has hosted the stages of germany’s biggest festivals, including the SWR3 new pop festival and rock am ring. "Stefanie has brought music closer to generations of people and has done so for 30 years," SWR3 program director thomas jung told the deutsche presse-agentur. "Buddy guy, cool rock lady, absolute power woman, unpratentios, no staralluren. That was stefanie," said jung.

How rich in experiences, impressions, passion and love for animals and nature tuckings life was, the public could follow at times also in her blog. There she described many funny scenes of her everyday life, often involving her two dogs. One of them was bowie, after the rock legend david bowie. Tucking comments on pictures of tattered travel passports, boots and videos of excursions into nature so eloquently and charmingly that even those who did not know her can guess how much humor and warmth of heart she must have possessed. Horses used to be her great passion, she even had a farm with her cousin.

Steffi tucking grew up in kaiserslautern, where she graduated from high school. She described this time in her blog as follows: "then I ran into the world and came to the music program formula 1 via cable television. That was the turning point, when it was clear: electrical engineering and kaiserslautern had seen me."Tucking writes there that she has checked the bowie factor of many people in her life: "do they look different, do they have that slightly smiling sideways look, do they make me listen to them, can they dance, do they wear unusual clothes – and do they look good on you?. So?N stuff stop."

A book of condolence has been set up on the SWR homepage. "We can’t believe it. Steffi, or tuck, as many of us called her, will no longer be coming to the newsroom in her own unique way: ture up with momentum, determined stride – and there was tuck. She was really there. A direct, honest person. Anyone who had dealings with steffi knew where they stood. She was the one with the clear opinion," SWR wrote. Many fans and companions took the opportunity to bid farewell to the competent presenter with moving words.

Thousands of fans also took to the SWR3 facebook page after the sad news. "Thank you for your vote" and: "take care, steffi, and thanks for being there."

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