Elisa is the first child born this year in the district of habberge

Who will follow jassan from rentweinsdorf, now one year old?? Elisa is the first baby born in habberge county in the new year. The little one, however, takes her time: not until the 2. January saw them at 12.22 o’clock in the gynecology/obstetrics ward in the habfurt house of the habberg clinics the light of the world. Her young mom annett keller (21) and dad stefan schlereth (26) from zeil were naturally thrilled about their first child – the best present there is probably for them.

3520 grams weighed the 52 centimeters small elisa, who was born with the help of midwife manuela poschl-handwerker, senior physician harald klossek and assistant physician serine hovhannisyan. And she is the first girl after five-year-old amalia karina to hold this title until the end of the year. In the last four years, there have only been "new year’s jacks. 397 babies – 192 girls and 205 boys – were born in the hospital in habfurt in 2018. That was 23 fewer than the year before, when the 400 mark was easily broken.

The gynecology department was very busy in june, when birgitta wohner-finger (team leader) and her midwife colleagues petra muller, carola lutsch, nicole braunreuther, alix jahn, melanie grimm, sonja weikam, manuela poeschl-handwerker, katrin wolfschmidt and nuriye aydin as well as chief physician raphael kupietz, senior physician harald klossek, senior physician matthaus kupietz, specialist aman el kudr as well as the assistant physicians serine hovhannisyan, adelina shatri, carolin deiml and samah benameur were concerned about a total of 48 births. January, on the other hand, was much quieter, with only 22 births.

"Birth assistance in habfurt remains"

In the meantime, the obstetrics department of the habberg clinics, which as is well known had to struggle with its impending closure for a long time, is once again sailing in calm waters. "We are in a good position at the moment. We will continue to exist, obstetrics in habfurt will continue", emphasizes birgitta wohner-finger. "This means that in the future, too, expectant families will be able to have their babies with us in a familiar atmosphere", alix jahn adds and looks on behalf of herself and the "small but fine team" looking back on a positive 2018 and forward to a successful 2019. "We have stabilized very well again and can look very positively into the future at the moment. It looks very good", the 47-year-old from zeil is pleased, adding a new year’s greeting: "all midwives, nurses and doctors at habberg obstetrics wish you a good year in 2019."

The top three most popular first names in the habfurt hospital are still missing: most parents preferred to name their children nele (ranked just 30th nationwide) and max, which was only ranked 20th in the whole of germany. The births of girls are followed by hanna(h), greta and lina, while boys in the habberg district are often baptized with the names levi and kilian. Most bavarians once again chose sophia and lucas/lucas.

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