Despite the crisis, seven more exhibitions are planned

Despite the crisis, seven more exhibitions are planned

Kunstverein kulmbach has seven exhibitions in its program this year. The first with works of "7 (members) from the association" on 27. The store, which opened in february in the bathhouse and the upper town gallery, is currently closed due to the corona crisis.

Cornelia morsch, the second chairwoman of the art association, is grateful to the savings bank kulmbach-kronach, which has once again made the banking hall of its main branch in kulmbach available for two exhibitions. Even after the declaration of a disaster situation, banks remain open; even when the doors were closed, the works in the rough cube of the atrium could be viewed through the floor-to-ceiling glass wall between the counter hall and the vestibule.

The first exhibition in the sparkasse is scheduled for 9. April and will remain there until 25 april. June to be seen. With soojin kang cornelia morsch announces a special high point: the korean-born artist is internationally active and renowned. She lives in london and in grafendobrach, where she renovates an old house with her husband, the documentary filmmaker markus schroder. Kang will make completely new works for the exhibition.

"Frictions" is the common motto of 16 artists, whose exhibition will be shown on 8. May in the bath house and in the upper city gallery are opened and until the 5. July will last. These 16 members of the art association have joined another art association: "das rad" unites actors, musicians, writers and visual artists. In the context of this show also a workshop in bookbinding is planned. A cross-section of the art work of the members of the art association will be shown in the annual main exhibition in the upper town gallery. It will take place from 10. July until 13. September instead of.

The next art exhibition in the counter hall of the sparkasse will be on 17 june. July and lasts until 25. September. Angelika summa shows filigree small sculptures and expansive sculptures made of wire and also of solid metal struts. Summa was born in bayreuth, lives in wurzburg and has been a freelance artist since 1986. From her working material she forms clear, but also broken shapes and even dares to create metal "body forms", which look like rigid to flexible garments.

Silkscreen prints full of peace, warmth and adventure shows philipp janta from 29. September to 1. November. The native of erfurt now lives in leipzig and has already exhibited in kulmbach. The winter exhibition will be held on 14. November opened.

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