Coburg castle square: music will soon be playing here

coburg castle square: music will soon be playing here

16 employees, 60 tons of steel and two whole days are needed for the kelly family to open the HUK-openair-summer on friday on the 100 tons heavy stage. The palace square is currently being prepared for the five concert evenings, which will take place from friday to wednesday.

A lot can always go wrong during preparation: suppliers don't keep to their agreements, construction can't continue due to a lack of materials – but mary boegner-moosburger is confident: "nothing will go wrong in coburg", she speaks from experience. For 15 years it has been responsible for the HUK-open-air summer. Together with jurgen ebert she coordinates the event as technical director. One of their main focuses is the accommodation of artists in the landestheater.

Artists use landestheater

there will be dressing rooms, which are to be furnished for the musicians comfortably. Apart from that, mary boegner-moosburger is the central contact person during the events and manages the production offices. That's why she usually doesn't have time to go to a concert. "I can only join in the celebrations for a short time, but otherwise I'm busy, explains the technical director. But this year, he said, it's not so bad, because no artist particularly appeals to her. "The years before I liked pink and simply red the best", remembers mary boegner-moosburger.

Strictly no umbrellas

One more request to all visitors: umbrellas are strictly forbidden on the gelande! This must be observed at all costs, because the danger potential of umbrellas in a crowd of people should not be underestimated, explains the organizer. In case of bad weather, the visitors should adapt their clothes accordingly, and rain ponchos will also be sold on the ground.

Furthermore only bags in DIN-A-4-size are allowed. Everything that is coarse must be handed in at the entrance. The reason for this is faster admission "and you don't have to bring your whole household to a concert", explains mary boegner-moosburger and shows that there is enough space in her belly bag as well. "Food is provided on the land anyway", report.

Selfie sticks are also prohibited during the event – for two reasons: first, because they could hurt someone – similar to an umbrella, and second, because they are not appreciated by the artists either.

"People come to the concert because of the music, not to take selfies", says the technical manager.




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