Christians should be a blessing in the face of the “seriousness of life”

Christians should be a blessing in the face of the




They proudly held up their school mare to the camera, and I'm sure all the families cut out the picture of their first-class student from the newspaper. The first day of school is a really high holiday in the elementary schools and in the families of the ABC children. And don't let the worried mom carry the book bag or go to the classroom on the third day of class. There is clear resentment among many children.


In our schools there is – thank god – the good custom to start the school years of the first class with a blessing service. And often the parents are invited to bless their children. And that's a good thing, because our children need god's blessing. And above all, they also need people who can embody god's blessing. That's mom and dad, and often grandparents, godparents, siblings, and teachers as well … I realize that I could still name many people who can be a blessing. But how do you make up "blessings"?? They have more opportunities than they might think at first sight. First of all, the one to whom my blessing is given should feel my goodwill, my warmth and my love. And he should just trace that I am there for him.

This also starts very simply with our children. The children of hamburg, who demonstrated for parents to put their cell phones aside more often and turn their attention to their children, demonstrated it. No one needs a class-whatsapp group (because far too often it just creates stress), but every child needs someone to sit down with them and just be there.

We have a good role model. Jesus put children first because he wanted them to be blessed. Let's do the same. Not helicopter surveillance, not standing in front of the game console, not constantly sedating them with KIKA and disneychannel, but more often just being there, listening, hugging, loving them. Our children need this. And if we do that, we will be rewarded. Because no one can be more grateful than a child.

Be a blessing and bless you! And if there is no child, be it for your partner, your family, your neighbor, the old person, the asylum seeker, the one who always gives me the evil eye. You will experience a miracle.

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