Ceremony at the schorkendorf-eicha fire department

The fire department of schorkendorf-eicha celebrated the handover of a new team transport vehicle and the awarding of the fire department badge of honor in gold to district fire inspector wolfgang beyer for 40 years of active service at the radlerheim in the ahorner district of schorkendorf.

The mayor of the municipality of ahorn, martin finzel (no party affiliation), was pleased that a "very active defense force" had been formed now with the new vehicle can begin their service. According to finzel, the team transport vehicle replaces a minibus that was purchased in 2011 and was also used as a team transporter. Although the vehicle had been used, a buyer had been found. The city council approved the purchase of the new vehicle in the 2016 budget. After the government of upper franconia had approved a grant of 13100 euro, the tenders could begin. According to finzel, the procurement of the vehicle took a little longer than a year. Finzel puts the total cost at 57,700 euros, with the schorkendorf-eicha fire department association contributing 4500 euros and the municipality 40,100 euros. In addition, there were donations of 2500 euros for equipment such as power generators and site lighting. "I am always surprised how expensive these vehicles are", said finzel. Nevertheless, he considers the money to be very well invested. "The new vehicle and the expanded equipment will further improve fire and disaster protection in the community of ahorn", he emphasized.

More than the duty

district administrator michael busch (SPD) also buried the investment in the schorkendorf-eicha fire department. A society, he said, can only function as long as there are people who go above and beyond the call of duty. "I know it’s natural for you guys to do what you do, but it’s not self-evident."

with the major projects, such as the intercity express railway line and the construction of the tunnel, the fire departments had to be prepared for the new tasks, and this included equipment. It was a special pleasure for the district administrator to present the firefighter’s badge of honor in gold for 40 years of active service in the fire department to district fire chief wolfgang beyer on behalf of the state of bavaria – namely the state minister of the interior, for construction and transport, joachim herrmann. "40 years of active service in the fire department, that’s quite an achievement," he said, he emphasized. Looking back on beyer’s many years of service, district fire chief christian bobecker. Beyer’s firefighting career began in 1977 in schorkendorf-eicha as a deputy commandant and a year later as a fire chief. "Reliability and interest characterized his career", according to bobecker.

In 1984, beyer 1.Commander and chief lieutenant, one year later he founded the youth group. The office of the 1. Commander until the year 1994. There followed a long list of offices and functions that the honoree has held to date. In addition, there are special tasks, such as the office of the deputy district youth officer, radio clerk or referee. In addition, the honored man had rendered special services in many major missions, and he continued to be active in local associations and in local politics.

The official part of the ceremony ended with the blessing of the vehicle, the symbolic handing over of the keys, the closing words by chairman tobias kiesewetter and the frankenlied.

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