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The season of the privileged guardian society of 1533 is drawing to a close. The traditional schutzenfest began with royal splendor. A princely reception with a coarse royal tablet was held at the guardian's house on the neck of the street. For the club's leadership, this is always an opportunity to thank long-serving members for their loyalty to the club and the bavarian association of sportsmen and sportswomen in this festive setting.
On this occasion, klaus gobler, who was awarded honorary membership last year, was presented with the outstanding certificate of honor. After words of praise, oberburgermeister frank rebhan (SPD), gauschutzenmeister klaus jentsch and schutzenmeister lutz wachsmuth honored the jubilarians.
Rising numbers of members, sporting successes and the considerable proportion of young sport shooters reward the commitment of all those responsible under the leadership of the first shooter master wachsmuth. Also in the 485. Since its founding in the first year of its existence, the schutzengesellschaft has been looking to the future and has set the course for it, said wachsmuth. Now the goal is to realize all the projects that have been started. This not only requires "committed members who can get stuck in", but also the association, the city and the public for support. The guardian master was satisfied with his club: "we are on a good path with an increasing number of members." currently, the privileged guardian society pays 208 members, of which one youth with almost 17 percent. And the sporting successes can also be seen: "especially our youth stands out here", the guardian master was pleased.

Sport is the bond to kenya

Kibera, the largest slum in nairobi, and indeed in east africa: many people in europe associate this term with unspeakable poverty and, with it, hopelessness. Clemens moyano schmitt from oberhaid had a different experience during a visit to kibera: "i was fascinated by the fact that people don't bury their heads in the sand despite their poverty, the 13-year-old youth player from SV walsdorf states after a visit that lasted several hours.

The cohesion of the nordhalben club landscape was demonstrated at the opening event of the jointly initiated year of volunteerism, which at the same time focuses on the anniversary of the opening of the nordwaldhalle 25 years ago.