Realschule students sweat for the dementia center

Running is healthy, running is fun. The word has long been out in bad staffelstein, where the well-known annual obermain marathon is held, among other events.

Magic has to be learned

Magic: who would not like to be able to do it?? For adults, it is often associated with the fulfillment of excessive desires. With magicians, however, the main feature is the bluffing of the spectators. But most of the time magic is seen as an art and the term "kunststuck" is used goes hand in hand with the performances of a magician.

Five weeks of chilling, one week of learning

Finally vacations and with it a big sigh of relief for sophia, denise, sabrina, leonie, linda and anna. The six students of the eichendorff grammar school received their certificates on tuesday and can now look forward to six long weeks off school. They look back on the past school year with pleasure.

"It was a good time. Above all, the teachers were entertaining and funny", tenth grader denise sums up. But the best thing about the whole school year, apart from the colorful farewell party for their principal, was the anticipation of the great vacations. Anna, the youngest of the six, also has fond memories of the past school year. She also found her teachers funny, who often had a lot of fun with the schoolgirls. By the way, their favorite subject was mathematics.

Abi 2020: the last days are paid

The high school graduates from the district have completed twelve years of schooling. They have toiled, sweated and written, hoped and trembled, and been very happy. And now they have earned one thing above all: a worthy graduation ceremony. This year, teachers and students had to be particularly creative in organizing the event – with the result that, on the 17th day of the school year, there were no more students. July, five individually designed graduation ceremonies will take place at five high schools in the district.

In kitzingen, christian hanft, a member of the school board, and eleonore baier had the same idea: a graduation ball at a drive-in movie theater. The michel family was quick to agree. So an organizational team was formed, which took care of the hygiene concept, procedure and technology. There was one basic problem to consider: the rough number of pupils. "We are very proud of our coarse school family," says christian hanft.