How Fritz Walter once surprised young footballers from the Franconian Forest

The honorary chairman of FC pressig, ottmar gerber, tells of memories of a wonderful experience. The former marketing manager of the ludwigsstadt savings bank, now 81, met with the honorary captain of the german national soccer team, fritz walter. The fubballer of the 1. FC kaiserslautern became soccer world champions in 1954 and was a legend in his own time. He is on 17. June 2002 and was able to celebrate his 100th birthday this saturday. Celebrate their birthday. This called in the pressiger and passionate fubballfan of the 1. FC nurnberg brings back memories of the fubball legend.

When will the people of stadtsteinach get more security for the footballers??

Natalie grob usually takes her daughter lena to school by car. "I don’t like to send them out alone, especially because of the traffic situation." the family lives directly above their shop, the grob bakery, on kronacher strabe. The B 303, which runs through the city center, is a busy road and quite confusing in this area. In addition, some but by no means all car and truck drivers are paying attention and take their foot off the gas as a precautionary measure.

An unusual school project on the occasion of 1000 years of bischberg

Marc bends deeply over the sheet of paper. Painting letter by letter. And with a real feather, whose keel the eight-year-old boy dips in ink again and again. "I make so many spelling mistakes with my pen", does marc. To then fill in the blanks of a medieval hero without hesitation. Marc’s hero is king arthur. Whose hobbies are eating, fighting, drinking, sleeping. At least that is what the little schoolboy thinks.

And with him 220 other boys and girls of the elementary school bischberg dive into the world of the middle ages. An entire project week is planned on the occasion of the 1000-year anniversary of the town: open lessons in cross-grade groups, which the teachers conduct with 30 students from bamberg university – mostly prospective elementary school teachers.

The junior javelin thrower max hubner from unnersdorf near bad staffelstein was unable to train individually on a sports field for more than two months because of the ban on corona sports. Hubner, however, made the best of these weeks. The talent, who transferred to the UAC kulmbach last fall and has since been training according to the plans of the kulmbach throwing expert martin standner, practiced on his family’s sheep paddock equipped with all kinds of utensils from his new club.

One schoolboy is a sports fanatic, the other an ace in mathematics. One schoolgirl is interested in music and culture, the other in technology. Since 2012, very different interests and preferences have been honored each year with prizes, or more precisely the "upper franconian real school prize", which is endowed with more than 5,000 euros.
This year, 105 students in the fifth to tenth grades were able to call themselves "upper franconian secondary school champions name. Among them are three students from the ebermannstadt secondary school. On friday, the award winners were honored at a ceremony at the brose company in coburg – for the second time since the award has been presented.

Outside the classroom

A jury with representatives from schools, business and parents selects the winners in the categories school award, social commitment, cultural-musical commitment, sports commitment and MINT. Important: the engagement must take place outside of the lessons. Selection criteria are, among others, the time spent and the results achieved. Students from all secondary schools in upper franconia can apply starting in may. The competition was launched in 2012 by the ministerial representative for secondary schools in upper franconia – together with four companies from the region. "We want to challenge the realschule students where we can and publicize their outstanding achievements", johannes koller, ministerial representative of the secondary schools in upper franconia, explains the objective.
The close cooperation with the four partners plays a decisive role – in addition to brose, the plastics specialist rehau, the upper franconian savings banks and the service group wedlich from bayreuth are participating in the competition.
The award is also highly regarded in munich, says michael stammberger, head of training and further education at the brose group.

Dispute is not yet over

The municipality of strullendorf wants to earn 15 million euros in administration and spend 15 million, the property budget is to include around 10 million euros and investments and investment decreases are to be financed with a loan of four million: the draft budget for 2018 divides the municipal council.
The fact that the CSU, which voted unanimously in favor, was two men short and the burgerblock only two out of three council members present said yes, prevented the vote on the 26th of march from going through. June a close vote. New list and SPD reject the draft unanimously – and justify the uniform no primary with lack of sustainability and escalating costs around two prestigious objects.

To make do or to break?

Christian beickert (SPD) calculated, for example, that the expenses for the planned integrative community center (IGZ) were only budgeted at 400,000 euros this year, but that a further 250,000 euros would actually be required for the acceptance of the groundwork and the work on the outdoor facilities. Furthermore, it is already known that the planned costs for the rental of the containers for the kindergarten in geisfeld will not only cost the estimated 180,000 euros, but double that amount.
"The SPD faction is of the opinion that the 2.5 million euros provided for in the budget and investment plan for the next few years will be far from sufficient as its own contribution to the IGZ", so beickert. The SPD assumes that the prestigious project will cost the municipality at least 4.2 million euros as its own contribution and suggests that the IGZ project "must be reviewed once again".
According to andreas kehl (neue liste), the plans for the IGZ, in contrast to the municipal possibilities, are also "not a bit of a mess, but a lot of a mess". This is already evident in the transitional building that is currently being constructed on the former land of the kachelmann company.
The SPD even makes a concrete proposal on this subject and argues that the interim solution should not simply be abandoned after two and a half years: "we should consider whether the provisional solution on the kachelmann site can be used as a final solution for the renovation and new construction of necessary rooms instead of the grone building."
the new list sees in the current budget draft in addition the topic flood protection neglected, expects necessary expenditures with the requirement plan of the fire-brigades or also important desirability of the middle school, which must remain compellingly attractive. "We must understand that our municipal budget is not a self-service store and everything that is needed can be done. In view of the upcoming investments, we must concentrate on our obligatory tasks and take a very close look at the voluntary services to see what is still feasible and what is not." in addition to a critical examination of the prestigious IGZ project, kehl also proposed a financial cap for the music school – and liked "prestige and profiling projects demanded by some" at least put it on ice. "We are referring, for example, to a blessing hall in strullendorf, a connection to the B 505, but also to the recurring topic of bypass roads."

Christians should be a blessing in the face of the

They proudly held up their school mare to the camera, and I'm sure all the families cut out the picture of their first-class student from the newspaper. The first day of school is a really high holiday in the elementary schools and in the families of the ABC children. And don't let the worried mom carry the book bag or go to the classroom on the third day of class. There is clear resentment among many children.

Everything to do with computers. He is responsible for the internet presence of the werner-grampp-school and as a specialist teacher, krasser also wanted to introduce modern technology to the students attending the werner-grampp-school. IT is also part of the curriculum at the forderschule as of this school year.

Aura has new street lighting installed as part of the village renewal and the planned major projects. The mabnahme includes the main trabe, the brucke and the zehntstrabe and is endowed with an estimated 60,000 euros.
Winfried schmitt, an expert in street lighting at bayernwerk, recommended to the council that energy-saving LED lamps be used, as the community has already done at the "oberer ruck" used. There, however, the masts are set at too wide a distance, a circumstance that should be taken into account for the new lighting. According to schmitt, the distances should be about 30 meters for 35-watt luminaires.

Price determination
Trilux cylinder or so-called lehner luminaires are favorites for village lighting. In the main street, schmitt considered the lighting on the north side to be sufficient and 35 lamps up to the town sign in the direction of euerdorf to be an appropriate number. At a price of approx. 1600 euros for cylinder lights – including the dismantling of the old lamps – the total cost is around 60,000 euros.
The price for the lehner lamps has yet to be determined. Since some companies also develop individual models, schmitt presented the sketch of his own "auraer luminaire" made by holger worner but the council rejected it because of the expected additional costs. The bridge is illuminated by three lamps, for which the council has already given its consent. This is especially important for the tram construction office, which will begin its renovation work next spring.

trebgast nature stage: premiere with wit and playfulness

Popular theater is told very quickly: it is about a farm that needs a successor; a large family in which the roles are fixed; about intrigue for the good of the farm and about love that does not fit in with that. And in the end they get each other, who really love each other, and everything dissolves into goodwill.

The first play of this year’s season on the natural stage trebgast "widder dahaam", is such folk theater, which serves the usual cliches – but also not, because the solution of the turbulences is much closer to the real present world than in the cliche.