With 38 people, the mull collection campaign "rama-dama" was a success of the alliance for families and seniors of the municipality knetzgau as well visited as never before. The community points out.

Meeting point was at 3 pm at the old town hall in knetzgau. There the groups were divided and the mullzwicker distributed, which were borrowed from the autobahnmeisterei in knetzgau.

Forestry expert interview: 'the french forests are not doing well at the moment'

The spruce becomes the "bread tree of the frankenwald" called. However, the shallow-rooted trees are also susceptible to storms and bark kafer. How the frankenwald is currently doing and whether the bark beetle can be dangerous to it, we talked to the head of the nordhalben forestry operations fritz maier:

mr. Meier, how are the french forests doing at the moment??
The french forests are not doing well at the moment. The months of drought combined with the high temperatures have led to the following developments:
a) insufficient water supply to the trees leads to reduced growth, drought damage and reduced resistance to insects (such as the bark beetle), especially in shallow rooted tree species (such as spruce).
B) young trees planted in the forest in spring have partly dried out completely, because they could not suck enough water from the soil with their still small roots.
C) intensive development of insects (such as bark beetles on conifers or oak processionary moths on deciduous trees) leads to damage to individual trees and entire forest stands and, for example in the case of oak processionary moths, locally also to impairments for humans.
D) tree seeds like beechnuts develop less well in many places, they stay smaller and are less vital (for example beechnuts).
E) high risk of forest fire due to dried out forest floor with dry needles and already partly falling leaves.

The becoming and the passing away

"What remains? Remains what?" the art exhibition on the occasion of the 25. Anniversary of the world cultural heritage title for bamberg, the professional association of visual artists of upper franconia currently organizes in the city gallery villa dessauer. The show will conclude next weekend with a tour 25×25 on friday, 25. May, at 16 h, the event "cultural asset mull separation?" with kerstin amend-pohlig and an artist talk with angelika gigauri and harald burger each sunday, 27. May, at 3 pm.
Are we succeeding today in making a contribution to the cultural heritage of the future?? Does what we leave behind have any value for our descendants?? As part of the 25×25 series of events organized by the world heritage center to mark the 25. Anniversary of the award of the world heritage title to the old town of bamberg, gerhard schlotzer will lead a tour of the exhibition on friday at 4 pm. 25-year olds have free admission to this tour, all others pay 2,50 euro.

Place for cultural goods

22 artists from all over upper franconia deal in series of works of different techniques with the value of art for society and with becoming and passing away. How much permanently preserved cultural heritage can the earth accommodate?? If each of the ca. 106 billion people who have ever lived on earth left eight cultural assets, one human legacy came to ten square meters of human-used land.
How do we deal with what we have inherited and how does what we have created relate to that?? This level of reflection is present in many artistic processes, even if some works seem to be concerned only with formal questions.
Goda plaum seam abstract color flat paintings made from old packaging material and plastic tutes. Harald burger stages equipment, tools and materials left behind by several generations from an old farm on a rough tableau on the floor of the exhibition space. What remains in christine gruber's paintings is the last, uppermost layer of paint, which partially covers all the underlying layers, but which builds on them and could not have been created without their predecessors.

preservation over: us supervisor sees vw in the lane

U.S. Inspector larry thompson has certified that VW has learned from the diesel scandal – but that the company must not slacken in implementing stricter regulations.

"Volkswagen is a better company today than it was three years ago," the lawyer said at the end of his examinations on monday. The government in washington had sent thompson to check on VW’s reform pledges following the revelation of the emissions scandal.

energy balance of munsterschwarzach abbey further improved

In 2019, munsterschwarzach abbey has significantly improved its energy balance compared to the previous year. The eco project, which has been running since 2000, has never generated as much regenerative energy as it did last year. With a total of 3,858,388 kwh of generated electrical energy and 5550 mwh of thermal energy, not only the needs of the monastery and its operations can be met, according to a press release. In fact, much more renewable energy was generated than was consumed.

The monastery printing house "benedict press" was awarded the "EMAS" environmental certificate and took a further step towards a "green print shop" by purchasing a chemical-free platesetter. The monastery bakery introduced a deposit system with reusable coffee cups and also joined the groundwater protection program of the french governments. The monastery’s own four towers publishing house now does without plastic foil for all hardcovers.

For a 'business as usual' in the matter of clear sludge disposal

It goes without saying that the wastewater from the city’s households is treated before it is discharged back into the rivers. But at the end of the clearing process, there is something left over that few citizens think about eliminating. What happens to the clear sludge in rodental – and why it should stay that way – was explained by plant manager michael eckardt to the city council members.

Igor is dead. The ten-year-old belgian cold-blooded horse lay dead on friday morning on the fub of a small but steep slope at the edge of its paddock in hohenroth near rieneck. Not long ago, the horse was in the rhon for jerks. It worked again on the dunsberg, the nature reserve near oberelsbach.

The mayor of rieneck, wolfgang kuber, who owned the horse, speaks of a tragic accident. He assumes that the animal suffered fatal injuries in a fall. He did not want to believe the news of the death of the horse at first, he had come back only on thursday evening with the stallion from the rhon.

Life in the old town: 'the house has come to us'

SOPHIE 15 is what katrin schneider and tim bertschy lovingly call home. In the summer of 2016, the two moved into the property at sophienstrabe 15. In a record construction or renovation time of only nine months, the former farmhouse was largely renovated and fitted with completely new supply lines including gas heating.

If you ask the two young people, born in 80 and 84, what drove them to embark on this adventure, the answer is clear: under no circumstances did they want to live in a "shoebox" in a new development area. An architect’s house would have been far too sterile for them, virtually without a soul.

Thief steals medication from delivery vehicle

However, the man was found with the stolen goods a short time later by the supplier in the immediate vicinity of the crime scene. The suspected perpetrator then fled, but was apprehended during the manhunt. After the police interrogations were completed, the man was released.

After istanbul thriller: nagelsmann expects rb to win against bayern

Before leaving istanbul for the bundesliga summit in munich, julian nagelsmann predicted that his team from leipzig would win the game.

"Our games in munich so far have been 0:3, 0:2, 0:1, 0:0. If you take that to its logical conclusion, then it could be that we win there," said the 33-year-old about the next tough test on saturday (18.30 o’clock/sky). The nerve-wracking 4:3 at basaksehir in istanbul in the champions league had long since been forgotten.