Where is the after-mountain party?

The bergkirchweih is on. Erlanger pubs and discos offer special after-mountain parties! Here the wild ride continues:
the bomb: the club in hauptstrabe 12 has opened on each of the twelve holidays. During the week visitors get in for free, on weekends there is no entrance fee until 0 o’clock, after that five euro. Until 1 o’clock the happy-hour leads to the bar. Listen to everything from party hits to hip-hop and house music.

Gambrinius: "erlangen’s first student pub" has cooled land beer and oven-fresh pizzas from 11 a.M. To 3 a.M. Throughout the kerwa. Whether it’s a keg of country beer or a 1.5-liter long drink, hardly anyone goes home naked after the mountain. The dance floor opens at 10 p.M. With the usual party sounds and tech-house beats. One of the "berch a shot that changes every day adds to the party at gambrinius.

"We try to make policy in an environmentally friendly and practical way in the agriculture committee," explained angelika schorer, chairwoman of the food, agriculture and forestry committee in the bavarian state parliament, on friday. The member of the state parliament from the district ostallgau was the main speaker of the 32. Radish dinner of the district association and the local association of albertshofen in the gartenlandhalle.

She thought about how people understand their homeland and how farmers preserve the cultural landscape. The state and local politician objected to farmers being put in a false light. Today, only three percent of the people working in agriculture had an increasingly difficult time explaining to the other 97 percent how farmers work.

coburg castle square: music will soon be playing here

16 employees, 60 tons of steel and two whole days are needed for the kelly family to open the HUK-openair-summer on friday on the 100 tons heavy stage. The palace square is currently being prepared for the five concert evenings, which will take place from friday to wednesday.

A lot can always go wrong during preparation: suppliers don't keep to their agreements, construction can't continue due to a lack of materials – but mary boegner-moosburger is confident: "nothing will go wrong in coburg", she speaks from experience. For 15 years it has been responsible for the HUK-open-air summer. Together with jurgen ebert she coordinates the event as technical director. One of their main focuses is the accommodation of artists in the landestheater.

Happy new year! 2019 is here

Germany buries the year 2019. With fireworks all over the country people have celebrated the turn of the year.

In berlin, hundreds of thousands of people attended the party at the brandenburg gate, where fireworks lit up the sky for minutes starting at midnight. The new year’s eve celebration in the capital is considered the biggest in germany. On the stage were music stars like DJ bobo and nico santos.

The "cacilia" singing club from steinwiesen caused dissolution of the chorus community with onlyn seems with the "sangerfreunde" to have left no resignation in the community part. At the annual general meeting, chairwoman elisabeth daum expressed her regret that the 14-year-old singing group had been disbanded, but the attempt to stand on its own two feet again is currently going quite well. The small group of active singers from nurn has now grown to 15, with one female singer and one male singer from steinwiesen also joining the choir.

Comrades celebrate their cohesion

They stand up for peace in the world and preserve the memory of their comrades who sacrificed their lives for this peace: the members of the association "soldatenkameradschaft leutenbach mit landwehr". In a festive ceremony last friday, they remembered the founding and development of the association, commemorated deceased comrades and honored long-time members.

Stefanie tucking was the face of "formula one" for two years in the mid-1980s. The ARD cult music program made the young presenter with the smoky, husky, unmistakable voice known nationwide at the time.

Radio, rock music and animals paid to the rough passions of her life. For around 30 years, tucking was a presenter on the pop wave SWR3. Now the "cool rock lady" has died suddenly in baden-baden at the age of 56.

Rough in form

The world-renowned hornist arkady shilkloper and an excellent dagmar schellenberger lifted the new year’s concert of the kissinger winterzauber into another league.

The autoarena germany is a germany-wide festival tour which, according to the press release, was developed especially for the special situation caused by corona. Ten concert shows with artists, bands and djs represent many different musical genres, including hip hop, electro, latin, metal and classical music.