Record-breaking seniors

It is hard to believe. The knitters of the aktiv-kreis senioren heroldsbach were able to complete the incredible number of 9000 blankets. On the occasion of this pleasing event, the knitters of the senior citizens’ active circle invited the participants to a cozy celebration round with coffee and cake at the heroldsbacher pfarrheim (parish hall).
Ottilie mebbacher, the leader of the knitters’ group, buried H. Hoch, pastor klaus weigand, the wife of the mayor, ingrid buttner, sebastian kramer from the municipality of heroldsbach, the municipality’s senior citizens’ representative and chairwoman of the aktiv-kreis erika schneider, and all the knitters in attendance.
For many years now, some ladies from the "senior citizens’ club" have been getting together with admirable diligence to knit warm blankets together. In the first years, the blankets were taken to the monastery in forchheim to father richter, who forwarded them to brazil. After the import conditions became more and more difficult, the blankets now go to eastern europe with other relief goods, which are then distributed to poor, needy families with many children.
Besides blankets, beautiful baby clothes and socks are knitted. So far, more than 9000 blankets have been made and sent to countries in need.

In june 2010, the knitters were honored in bamberg by archbishop ludwig schick for their voluntary work.
As a special recognition and acknowledgement of this honorary commitment, the senior citizens’ representative of the municipality of heroldsbach and chairwoman of the aktiv-kreis, erika schneider, as well as the municipality of heroldsbach, presented a monetary gift. Heartfelt thanks to all knitters for this particularly commendable commitment.
To ensure that the ladies do not run out of material, they are very grateful for donations. They also like to take knitted items that are no longer needed and separate them out. Wool remnants are also well suited to find a useful application in this way.

Who will follow jassan from rentweinsdorf, now one year old?? Elisa is the first baby born in habberge county in the new year. The little one, however, takes her time: not until the 2. January saw them at 12.22 o’clock in the gynecology/obstetrics ward in the habfurt house of the habberg clinics the light of the world. Her young mom annett keller (21) and dad stefan schlereth (26) from zeil were naturally thrilled about their first child – the best present there is probably for them.

the difficult search for a nuclear waste repository

In the discussion about a final repository for germany’s nuclear waste, politicians from various parties have warned against individual regions ducking out of the way.

" nuclear power was used nationwide. Finding a suitable repository is a national task," said SPD parliamentary group vice chairman matthias miersch and former green MEP rebecca harms. Federal environment minister svenja schulze (SPD) appealed to "joint responsibility" for the consequences of nuclear power with ministers from three federal states at "spiegel online. "We owe this to the generations to come."

New paths from the summer

Dominic buckreus there is a lot going on in the winter break among the soccer teams in the district of kronach. Players are being transferred and some clubs are already preparing for the coming season. This is also the case with DJK-SV neufang and the two district league teams SV gifting and FC hirschfeld, where a new coach will have to take over responsibility in the summer.

saxony's left criticizes cdu's election campaign message

Left-wingers in saxony have accused the CDU in the free state of likening the GDR to national socialism.

"The comparison is off the mark on many levels. To put national socialism and the gdr on the same level is an exemplary trivialization of fascism and nazi crimes, including the holocaust," said party leader antje feiks in dresden.