Munich district court speeds up truck antitrust proceedings

Munich regional court takes a new approach in the nationwide truck antitrust proceedings. More than 80 lawsuits filed by freight forwarders seeking compensation for 180.000 trucks sold possibly overpriced claim.

That’s why the chamber, already at its first trial on wednesday, did not only deal with basic claims, but immediately with concrete claims for money.

Bavaria's cabinet agrees on double budget

The cabinet agreed on this at its retreat in st. Quirin at tegernsee, as minister president horst seehofer announced on wednesday. Economy minister martin zeil said the FDP was also extremely satisfied with the result.

Seehofer described the agreements as "bavaria's powerful response to the mood of crisis in europe". There is thus an excellent basis for a "blossoming future" of the free state, the CSU leader explained. He assumes that the draft will be passed by the state parliament by the end of the year. The leaders of the parliamentary groups and the budget experts from the CSU and the FDP also took part in the meeting.

Condor takeover wobbles - loan extension applied for

The planned takeover of the vacation airline condor by the polish holding company PGL is in doubt.

According to the news magazine "der spiegel", the parent company of the airline LOT has made additional demands to the federal ministry of economics and technology prior to the conclusion of the transaction. At the same time, it became known on thursday that condor had already applied for the bridging loan of 380 million euros to be extended. Only with this money from the federal government and the state of hesse, the airline has been keeping itself in the air for months now.

Waldberg: the old forge is moving

What is special about the building and how will it be used in the future?? A few years ago, "benno" died still in his old forge in waldberg still tinkered and some defective geratschaften of farmers from the region repaired. In the meantime he has died. In about two years, however, the old forge is to be put back into operation. Then, however, not at its traditional place in the premicher strabe, but in the open-air museum fladungen. This day, work began on dismantling the building and transporting it part by part to fladungen.

The roof has already disappeared, the still usable tiles have been removed, the timbers of the roof trusses have been stowed away on a flatbed truck. Each one of them with a "sign of the bund" the kind that carpenters have been using for centuries to put them back together quickly and safely.

The fire department of schorkendorf-eicha celebrated the handover of a new team transport vehicle and the awarding of the fire department badge of honor in gold to district fire inspector wolfgang beyer for 40 years of active service at the radlerheim in the ahorner district of schorkendorf.

The mayor of the municipality of ahorn, martin finzel (no party affiliation), was pleased that a "very active defense force" had been formed now with the new vehicle can begin their service. According to finzel, the team transport vehicle replaces a minibus that was purchased in 2011 and was also used as a team transporter. Although the vehicle had been used, a buyer had been found. The city council approved the purchase of the new vehicle in the 2016 budget. After the government of upper franconia had approved a grant of 13100 euro, the tenders could begin. According to finzel, the procurement of the vehicle took a little longer than a year. Finzel puts the total cost at 57,700 euros, with the schorkendorf-eicha fire department association contributing 4500 euros and the municipality 40,100 euros. In addition, there were donations of 2500 euros for equipment such as power generators and site lighting. "I am always surprised how expensive these vehicles are", said finzel. Nevertheless, he considers the money to be very well invested. "The new vehicle and the expanded equipment will further improve fire and disaster protection in the community of ahorn", he emphasized.

Fire department, city construction, child care, canal work and a new artificial turf pitch for the SC oberreichenbach – the municipality of oberreichenbach wants to invest its money well. At the town council meeting last thursday, the 2020 budget was presented and approved by a vote of ten to two.

Chamberwoman hanna stumptner, for whom this was the first budget presentation, led the eleven councillors present and mayor klaus hacker through the municipality's investment program with ease. The total budget for 2020 is around 4.6 million euros, of which 2.9 million euros are for the administrative budget and 1.7 million euros for the property budget.

Missing malina in regensburg: 51.000 euro reward offered

In the case of missing student malina K. From regensburg, her father collected almost 51,000 euros in reward money for a tip-off about his daughter. "We want to express our deep gratitude to all donors. We hope that you will help us to find malina alive", the father told the german press agency in munich on friday.

An appeal on the internet raised almost 21,000 euros in the past few days. Now a private donor has come forward to donate another 30,000 euros. "That is a respectable sum. We want to end the collection campaign with this," said a police spokesman, said the father. If he can’t pay out the reward by the end of the year, he wants to pay the money back.

Metalworkers in volkach whistle for money

"At the end of the month there is usually nothing left in the wallet", says dieter bock. The father of two from obervolkach has worked at bosch rexroth in volkach for 13 years. The 45-year-old is particularly hard hit every month by rising energy costs. For this reason, he took part in the IG metall warning strike in front of the factory gates in volkach on friday afternoon. "No pain, no gain, says bock and most of his colleagues think so. Almost 200 people demonstrated for a 5.5 percent increase in wages and a 60-euro increase in training allowances.
More than 30 companies from the bavarian metal and electrical industry took part in the warning strikes. More than 10,000 employees used placards, flags and whistles to express their displeasure at the employers’ restraint in the current round of collective bargaining.
In volkach, shortly before the strike began, there was only the smell of grilled sausages, which the hungry workers on the early shift gladly accepted after the end of the working day. Werner flierl of IGM wurzburg announced over loudspeakers: "we expect a new and better offer from the employers than the previous triple zero that the employers’ association has offered so far." the price increases of recent years have placed an increasing burden on workers’ households. The overall economy had grown strongly and companies had made profits of over 50 billion euros. Workers should also benefit from this plus.
Flierl called for a fair redistribution component. 5.5 percent wage increase only accounted for nine billion of the profits of the companies. "The increase of the remunerations for the coworkers is to be financed thus completely easily ?, he said. In recent years, real wages have fallen again and again. "Now is the time to give employees a share of the profits", flierl shouted to the crowd, which loved to follow an ear-piercing concert of whistles.
Uwe gratzky (49, gerolzhofen) also wants to keep his ears to the ground. Despite the tight financial situation, the deputy chairman of the works council noted a good mood among his people.

This should remain so, and so he demanded: "we urgently need a wage increase, because gas, oil and electricity prices have risen sharply."
The increased cost of living is also a thorn in the side of rico schenderlein (39). The bosch employee with two children grumbles: "with our income, we can hardly get by these days. " purchasing power used to be much higher and "there was more of my salary left over at the end of the month". His family was able to afford many things that today they have to save for a long time or even do without. In terms of retirement provision, employees were required by the company, but it had become difficult to put something aside privately as well. He now hopes for a wage increase just like dieter bock. "Food, drink and clothes are becoming more and more expensive, and anyone who has children knows what that costs, says bock – not to mention the rising costs of home ownership. His conclusion: "in the past, you could put a few euros aside, but today you can’t do anything anymore."

demand for citizen participation

"For our city leadership with the city council, civic engagement and citizen participation are a matter of the heart and part of the actions of administration and politics", declared mayor german hacker (SPD) at the beginning of the meeting of the cultural committee. Because civic engagement and volunteer work are indispensable elements for a functioning society.

More criminal proceedings for illegal labor in the construction industry

According to a media report, the authorities have uncovered significantly more cases of illegal employment in the construction industry in the past year.