Bavaria’s cabinet agrees on double budget

Bavaria's cabinet agrees on double budget

The cabinet agreed on this at its retreat in st. Quirin at tegernsee, as minister president horst seehofer announced on wednesday. Economy minister martin zeil said the FDP was also extremely satisfied with the result.

Seehofer described the agreements as "bavaria's powerful response to the mood of crisis in europe". There is thus an excellent basis for a "blossoming future" of the free state, the CSU leader explained. He assumes that the draft will be passed by the state parliament by the end of the year. The leaders of the parliamentary groups and the budget experts from the CSU and the FDP also took part in the meeting.

The total volume of the 2013 budget now stands at 46.5 billion euro. In 2014, it is to be 48 billion euros. It was also agreed that over the next two years a total of more than one billion euros in debt would be repaid. Finance minister markus soder (CSU) spoke of a "record budget".

Around 2.000 additional positions

during the two-day deliberations, there had been discussions above all about the personnel wishes of individual ministries, which seehofer considered excessive. The cabinet's current concept provides for additional positions in 2001, as soder reported. At the same time, 1200 jobs are being cut in general administration. This means that "on balance, there will only be 801 new jobs".

Most of the new personnel will go to the ministry of education. Here, 1300 additional teaching positions have been.

The ministry of finance will receive 200 positions for company auditors. In addition, the cabinet granted the interior ministry 100 additional positions for the police – but "expressly no position for the office for the protection of the constitution", as soder pointed out.

As expected, family minister christine haderthauer (CSU) did not succeed with her demand for 50 positions for the implementation of the childcare allowance. Seehofer said that the project, which is controversial in the berlin coalition, should be "carried out very unbureaucratically" in the state of bavaria become. A "confirmation that one does not use a publicly demanded creche" would suffice.

Zeil relies on continuation of black-yellow coalition

zeil stressed that it is a "genuinely balanced budget" have been agreed. The FDP politician added: "we have continued to make bavaria fit for the future." the FDP is claiming to continue the "successful politics to continue the black-yellow coalition after the bavarian state elections in the fall of 2013.

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