Autoarena festival tour stops in geiselwind

The autoarena germany is a germany-wide festival tour which, according to the press release, was developed especially for the special situation caused by corona. Ten concert shows with artists, bands and djs represent many different musical genres, including hip hop, electro, latin, metal and classical music.

From 4. Up to 7. June the festival will take place in cooperation with the strohofer family on the festival grounds in geiselwind, directly on the A 3 motorway. In front of a rough stage, the visitors’ cars are parked in a place facing the stage. The music will be received via FM radio and broadcast directly from the stage. Large LED screens, similar to those used in drive-in cinemas, broadcast the stage action.

Drinks are brought to the car

At the same time, there is an online livestream where you can also communicate with the other guests. Currently, two people per car are planned and approved by the government, according to the announcement.

Admission is only granted to guests with advance ticket sales, which are strictly limited due to hygiene protection regulations. Only for the toilet the car may be left. Drinks can be ordered online and paid contactless. Shortly after these are delivered to the car by the gastroteam.

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