“Auraer luminaire” became too expensive

Aura has new street lighting installed as part of the village renewal and the planned major projects. The mabnahme includes the main trabe, the brucke and the zehntstrabe and is endowed with an estimated 60,000 euros.
Winfried schmitt, an expert in street lighting at bayernwerk, recommended to the council that energy-saving LED lamps be used, as the community has already done at the "oberer ruck" used. There, however, the masts are set at too wide a distance, a circumstance that should be taken into account for the new lighting. According to schmitt, the distances should be about 30 meters for 35-watt luminaires.

Price determination
Trilux cylinder or so-called lehner luminaires are favorites for village lighting. In the main street, schmitt considered the lighting on the north side to be sufficient and 35 lamps up to the town sign in the direction of euerdorf to be an appropriate number. At a price of approx. 1600 euros for cylinder lights – including the dismantling of the old lamps – the total cost is around 60,000 euros.
The price for the lehner lamps has yet to be determined. Since some companies also develop individual models, schmitt presented the sketch of his own "auraer luminaire" made by holger worner but the council rejected it because of the expected additional costs. The bridge is illuminated by three lamps, for which the council has already given its consent. This is especially important for the tram construction office, which will begin its renovation work next spring.

Low minus
For the operating year 2013, which started at the beginning of july, the municipality of aura writes a minus of about 5000 euro net without the services of its municipal workers for its new natural swimming pool. "I'd be happy if it stayed that way", commented mayor thomas hack (CSU). He also expects a positive development, for example through the sale of season tickets.

The earnings from the feed-in of the company's own photovoltaic system have not yet been included in the balance sheet.
The excavated earth dump must be filled by the end of next year. Alfred graser, however, fears "that we will not bring the masses to fill in", and suggested a possible extension of the deadline by the VG-administration. The two decided gates at the municipal building yard have been installed in the meantime, he reported.
The municipality is contributing around 310,000 euros to the renovation of the einhard association school in euerdorf, hack informed from the meeting of the administrative community. The council of aura unanimously appointed josef hammerl, who will no longer be a candidate for the municipal council, as election director for the 2014 municipal elections. His deputy is Norbert Schmitt.

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