100 Euros per wild boar shot

The district of kronach is one of four districts in upper franconia in which the state compensation for the killing of wild boar will be increased from 20 to 100 euros per animal for the 2020/2021 hunting year. This was announced by the bavarian state minister for the environment and consumer protection, thorsten glauber, in a letter to district administrator klaus loffler.

The fastest possible and sustainable reduction of the wild boar population is seen as an essential element to minimize the danger of the introduction of african swine fever into bavaria. The background to this reduction is what has happened in western poland, where african swine fever has already been detected.

District administrator klaus loffler thanked state minister glauber for the increase in the state subsidy.

This will significantly increase the incentive to hunt and at the same time make a significant contribution to keeping african swine fever away from the district of kronach. In addition to the district of kronach, numerous other districts and independent cities in the administrative districts of lower franconia, upper palatinate and lower bavaria are also included in this program.

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