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Why do we choose banner pen?


The advantage of Banner Pen

Also known as flag pen and paper drawing pen, rod pen, office stationery is also an advertisement. Scroll pen body fitted with the pull out banner, pull out one of page to print promotional messages, which is equivalent to a small leaflet to do the pen, not only can allow customers to easily accept, but not easily discarded, can be deepened in use impression of the company, the unique shape of pen and allows more people to pay attention, this effect should be better than any other carrier. Banner Pen can do both advertising and small gifts for giving away, the real small investment big return. You still hesitate? Your colleagues will not hesitate!

1, Ad both sides of paper according to customer requirements, four-color printing color images of various CMYK ads, text.

2, Advertising material of paper coated with high-quality, clean, resilient, flexible free.

3, Advertising paper size: 180x68mm

4, Advertising pen Material: ABS plastic material

5, Plus a printed LOGO on the pen or advertising content.

6, I plant the pen is divided into high, medium, low block, a total of over fifty kinds of styles, ten colors (red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, purple, white, silver)

7, Each pen can be equipped with a nice box, so your pen into a fashion boutique, highlight the mysterious charm of the noble.

8, The production period :10 - 15 days

Flag Pen advertising volume of information leaflets better than before, pen allows customers to focus on the use of your information, long duration, the unique shape of pen can attract other people to enjoy, so to broaden the advertising side The key is low cost pen, looking for manufacturers of custom formal quality assurance, buy comfortable, with the rest assured.