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What is the best format of pen logo?

AI,EPS,PDF,CDR,are good for printing

Some of customers will ask question on Banner Pen,Engraved Pens imprint,like "what is the best format for pen logo?" .
That is a good question,our printer is able to make good printing after receiving a good printing file.

The best format for logo printing is AI,EPS,PDF,CDR,etc Pix is not more than 300 dpi and they must be in CMYK.

We do not accept file in JPG for printing,that  must make printing illegible.We take flag pen as a example,customer would
like to order some pens with a pull out banner on a scroll pen(they are the same as banner pen).Customers should forward
the right format logo for printing.This is a little bit special,we sometime accept PSD,PNG,PPT format file if they are big enough.
Because it is offset print.