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How to advertise by banner pen

 Banner Pen Advertisement

Our factory is engaged in the plastic pen, gift pen, advertising banner penscroll pen and paper drawing flag pen, flyer pen professionally made one, the information document can be used for writing, pencil lead can be replaced. Long-lasting advertising effectiveness, anytime, anywhere can watch. Pen plus advertisement as a whole, the price is affordable. Second, attractive appearance, equipped with springs, telescopic free advertising paper. Third, advertising paper according to customer needs, both sides can be printed with colored patterns, text. Advertising paper made of high quality synthetic material, resilient, out is not easy to damage. Advertising paper size 18x6.8cm three ABS shell material, transparent and shiny. Fourth, with innovative advantages, the use of ads on any topic. Should less than the pen from the quantitative, are subject to the plate costs is free, the specific limit to the number, banner pen, advertising pen flat, less than one thousand, every color of the plate need to add 100 fee, an unlimited number of other . Our supply of various types of advertising pen, pen style, complete, reasonable prices, advertising pen can be printed on both sides of paper color ad design, text. Pen ad paper with high quality synthetic material, resilient, flexible free. Advertisers welcome to inquire, negotiate. Companies engaged in years of advertising gifts, business gifts, gifts, advertising promotional gifts, promotional gifts, gifts wholesale, the company can according to customer needs, to promote the commercial development of high-end customers improve Tea Set, and a variety of high-end products, India Enterprises LOGO, I promise, never let a customer to spend money wasted, we can use according to the gifts, we recommend some good gift ideas. Buyer Tips: Because of different geographical location of customers, the companies will supply to the manufacturers, the time in stock, orders can be shipped the same day, the normal shipping time, usually 3-7 days, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces can receive the goods, in remote areas 15 days to receive goods. According to our freight customers numbers to be receipted. If special circumstances please contact us! This product is OUR baby cloth, but all have professional packaging, the packaging has many years of experience, can guarantee will not be damaged in transit, the absolute guarantee of security to your baby hands. Please feel comfortable buying. Shipping Note: freight. We can according to customer's designated freight shipping companies. Can also be paid according to the requirements of freight (freight customers to first fight back, can reduce the customer's shipping) These are the pen, gift pen, advertising pen, advertising pen and paper drawing, advertising, professional custom pen for more information If you pen, gift pen, advertising pen, advertising pen and paper drawing, advertising pens professional custom price, manufacturer, model, pictures have any questions, please contact us for pen, gift pen, flag pen, advertising drawing paper and a pen, flyer pen professionally made the latest information.